21 April 2024, Sunday, 10:37
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Beltelecom blocks Charter website


Access to the Charter website has been blocked in Belarus.

The website has learnt it from readers. Websites outside Belarus can be opened.

Judging by the route, access was blocked by Belpak's gateway core1.net.belpak.by (a branch of Beltelecom). The site is blocked for all users who uses Beltelecom's channel.

The site remains available for clients of mobile operators and the ISPs that use National Traffic Exchange Centre to connect to the Internet.

Beltelecom reports about problems at its own data centre that made many Belarusian sites unavailable. The company, however, doesn't say how it can influence the gateway. The press service of the national telecom operator says their data centre is under a DDoS attack.

Read here how to get access to the site using proxy servers.

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