21 September 2019, Saturday, 4:27
We are in the same boat

Drivers protest on the border with Russia

Drivers protest on the border with Russia

Drivers are frown at huge queues.

Eyewitnesses reported about huge "traffic jams" on the border over the weekend. Probably, the queues were caused by downturn in prices in the Russian Federation so the Belarusians rushed for pre-New Year's shopping.

Today new figures released: one of the readers of chapte97.org reports about drivers discontent caused with beefed up verification regime by Belarusians customs at the weekend.

"On Saturday my father's friend, he is a truck driver, gave a call on his way from the Russian Federation. He gave a call in order us to hear how the queue of many kilometres blared as a sign of discontent. He said the Belarusians had the border closed and everybody searched. According to him, the queue was about 25 km long but perhaps it seemed to him, he writes.

It should be reminded that, a mixture of political and economic factors, in particular, due to the fall in oil prices, the Russian ruble's downturn took place so it led to slump of prices. The Belarusians have been quick on the uptake and left for Russia to buy vehicles, equipment and food.