17 January 2018, Wednesday, 16:13

Dzmitry Balkunets: Turchynov's meeting with dictator is betrayal of Maidan

Kyiv should not believe Lukashenka's promises.

Politologist Dzmitry Balkunets spoke to charter97.org about the meeting of Turchynov and Lukashenka.

“I think both Belarusian and Ukrainian sides were interested in the meeting. For Minsk, it was important to demonstrate its attitude to the current leadership of Ukraine and explain its position on Crimea. On the other hand, Lukashenka apparently doesn't want to spoil relations with Ukraine. So, he had to demonstrate his loyalty and give certain guarantees to the Ukrainian leadership that no military invasion was planned from Belarus. Of course, Turchynov was interested in that, too,” Dzmitry Balkunets said.

The expert added one should not believe Lukashenka's promises, because he rarely fulfills them.

“It's' obvious that for the last two decades any authorities of Ukraine had to deal with the country's neighbours, have dialogues and talks with them. Politicians on Maidan can say one thing, but they begin to shake one another's hands, become friends and so on when they come to power. They can say much about dictators in neighbouring countries, but they will negotiate with them. It was so with Yushchenko, and it is happening now. Turchynov apparently can betray the ideals of Maidan in some way. But being the head of state, he has to talk to the country's neighbours,” Dzmitry Balkunets said.

The Belarusian dictator met with interim president of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on March 29. The talks were held in Liaskavichy (the Homel region) on the border of the two states.

Photo: dw.de