18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:41

Seven people to go on trial for silent manifestation


Protocols were composed against Lida activists “for participating in a wordless manifestation”, which allegedly took place on 25 March at the town cemetery.

The trial will take place on 24 April, Radio Svaboda reports.

Civic activists from Lida and Lida district commemorated the members of Belarusian parties, who died in the World War II, in the town cemetery on 25 March. They lit a candle at the cemetery and unrolled a white-red-white flag.

There were people in mufti at the cemetery, who noted down the names of the participants and on 2 April they started to het summoned to police. Stanislau Sudnik has a protocol composed against him already.

“I did not admit the charges, since we had no manifestation at the cemetery, there were even no speeches, but the protocol says that I am being charged for “participating in a wordless manifestation”. Moreover, prior to that I twice went to the executive committee and got oral permission for us to commemorate the members of Belarusian parties, who died in the World War II, at the town cemetery on 25 March. Apart from that, there were only seven of us there”, - he said.

On the same day Lida activists organized and went to Voranava, where they commemorated General Kipryjan Kandratovich, who was BPR’s military minister. They were also followed by people in mufti and their actions were filmed.