18 January 2018, Thursday, 6:41

Naftan’s halfback: We are sick of being silent – there has been no salary for fifth consecutive month


The players of the Navapolatsk Naftan football club have not been getting paid for almost half a year.

This came from the team’s midfielder Valer Zhukouski after the first game in the championship - loss to BATE Barysau (1:3) – in an interview to Pressball.

“In about 15 minutes before the end I did not think, we would lose. Of course, we were lucky – it is beyond the question. But it is the strongest, who gets lucky, so BATE won. Although we are no sugar either – good to know that we have such a united team. It is just that certain people hamper us. Hamper how? We are sick of being silent on the subject of money. There has been no salary for fight consecutive month. They feed us promises, and it is unknown what happens next. May be this had its effect, that they cannot tell us anything specific. It seems that we are doing not bad in the ranking, especially for Navapolatsk…”, - Valer Zhukouski stated.