17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:48

Raman Yakauleuski: It’s no mere chance prank on Lukashenka coincides with Lavrov’s visit


The words of the ruler about Yanukovych and Ukraine can put the Kremlin out of temper even more.

Such an opinion has been expressed in an interview to charter97.org website by a political commentator Raman Yakauleuski, who comments on the prank on the dictator by a well-known pranker Vovan222.

- To your mind, is it really a voice of Alyaksandr Lukashenka at the recording?

- The voice of the Belarusian ruler sounded real and active to me.

- It means that he was seriously saying that he was ready to offer asylum to the fugitive ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych?

- As for his statement about readiness to shelter Yanukovych, we remember that in the same way he justified offering asylum to Bakiyev. So there is nothing strange in that. But then he did that for a trunk with $2 mln, and now he might do that for the golden loaf (laughts).

But what's more interesting is the way how someone was able to reach Lukashenka on the phone just like that. Personally I have no answer to this question. Maybe certain security services have overlooked that, like the teddy-bear paratroop drop. I mean the technical security of Lukashenka. It appears that now any old wife from a village can easily reach him on the phone.

- So should we wait for the so-called eating heads, as it happened after the Swedish plane crossed the border of Belarus?

- There was no reaction still, so it could not be foreseen. But it’s also remarkable, and it’s no coincidence that this news emerged on the day when Lavrov arrived to Minsk, and there have been many speculations why he had come here. And it related Ukraine, by the way.

- What do you mean by that, as literally today Lukashenka has stated that “we have no problems in relations with Russia”.

- There are no problems, but there are questions, as Makei said… Declarations are one thing, and the reality is completely different. And this recording reiterates and even reinforces the position of Lukashenka, which may annoy the Kremlin.