18 January 2018, Thursday, 18:50

Pranker Vovan ready to head Belarusian KGB (Video)

The famous pranker revealed new details of his phone call to Lukashenka.

Journalists of Hromadske TV talked to the pranker via Skype. In the interview that was aired last evening, the prank caller explained why he had decided to call to Minsk, how, in his view, the record had appeared on the internet and if Lukashenka would react to the joke.

According to him, the Belarusian dictator was not the first politician in his “collection” and said the names of other victims from Russia and Ukraine. Vovan, who asked to call him Vladimir, stressed he would like to talk to Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. “It would be difficult to talk to Putin, because he wouldn't talk to Yanukovych's son. I would need another legend for him,” he said.

Vladimir emphasised he hadn't posted the record of his conversation with Lukashenka on the internet, because he planned to continue the conversation later. “We talked and I thought I could call him again in some days and discuss other topics. I wanted to ask his help to move property across the border and say that Viktor Pshonka would be in one of the containers. I was surprised to see the post of Mustafa Nayem on Facebook, in which he described the whole conversation in details,” he said.

The pranker rules out the possibility that the record of the conversation leaked from the Russian secret services. He confirmed the audio file that appeared on the internet was the uncut version of his talk with the dictator: “It was clearly made by secret services. Maybe it was he who initiated it.”

“The behaviour of Lukashenka in this conversation speaks much. His two-faced position is absolutely clear for our audience – he wants to please both sides,” the journalist said, adding later: “There are rumours that Lukashenka ordered to use you as feed.”

Vladimir laughed at the joke and said he would continue to prank famous people, also from Ukraine. “But I don't want to be fed to fish, ostriches and rabbits, this is the main thing. Anyway, if Lukashenka dismisses the KGB chief, I am ready to take this post. However, I need to know how this post looks like,” he said.

The journalist of Hromadske TV noted the importance of Vladimir's pranks, because they help “desacralise” the authorities.

Vovan pranked Lukashenka some days ago. He called the dictator, introduced himself as the son of the fugitive president of Ukraine, said they wanted to move to Belarus from Russia and asked if Lukashenka could help. Lukashenka invited Viktor Yanukovych to the country.