19 January 2018, Friday, 22:16

Russia Council of Federation’s vice-speaker suggests bombing Ukraine

Evgeniy Bushmin suggested making a targeted strike at the territory of Ukraine.

The report comes from RIA Novosti. According to him, this will help stop firing at the Russian territory from Ukrainian side.

“This should be demonstratively, if it was an artillery mount, it should be eliminated, the public should be presented with the fact that any attack on Russian will be stopped. A targeted adequate response is needed”, - Evgeniy Bushmin.

According to the senator, Israel, for example, fights the firing at its territory in such a way.

Bushmin said that in the previous two weeks he had been in Rostov region. “You get such an impression that if earlier the firing were not targeted against Russian border guards, then now provocations are more and more frequent, because there is no other way to make us enter a confrontation with Ukrainian forces”, - the politician claimed.

Earlier it was Russian MFA that spoke with accusations and threats addressed to Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian party disproved the information of the firing at the territory of the neighboring state.