17 January 2018, Wednesday, 7:54

Tymchuk: On 15 July Russia will invade Ukraine


Russia is preparing the invasion of special operations units from Rostov region into the territory of Ukraine.

This was announced today at briefing by the head of the Center for Military and Political Studies and the coordinator of the Informational Resistance Dmytro Tymchuk, Ostrov’s correspondent reports.

“Through the weekend we received comprehensive evidence of that and can speak of it certainly. Two groups of special operations units arrive in Rostov region, these are the intelligence and subversive groups of Russian GRU’s special operations units staff brigades. According to our data, the commanders of the units are directed to invade Ukraine on 15 July. This date was repeatedly mentioned among the information we received”, - he reported.

Tymchuk pointed out that currently the issue is in consideration of how these units will get into Ukraine.

“At one point they are directed that they would be called peacemakers and Russia is preparing to send its so-called peacemaking forces to Ukraine. Or it will be the “little green men” format like it was in April (in Crimea)”, - the expert highlighted.

He called this “a feeling of agony of the terrorist in Donbas” and Russia’s attempts to save the situation my any means.

We would remind that earlier the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy claimed that up to 40 thousand troops of the Russian Federation are currently deployed at Ukraine’s border.