18 January 2018, Thursday, 8:58

Belarusians go to war against Russian aggressors (Photo)


Another group of Belarusian patriots from “Pahonya” volunteer detachment goes to eastern Ukraine.

It has been stated by the deputy head of Valyn regional council Ihor Huz, on his Facebook account.

“For today we have received a great number of applications from volunteers who want to join in, including Belarusians who live in Ukraine and are Ukrainian citizens. Now we are examining each of them carefully, and we work with reliable people only. But there are many difficulties, first of all in supplying with principal items: body armour (caskets and bulletproof vests), munitions, food products and other,” he noted.

We remind that first it became known about forming a Belarusian detachment “Pahonya” for fighting against separatists in eastern Ukraine in the beginning of July.