18 January 2018, Thursday, 22:54

Son of Babrujsk blogger found guilty of attacking policeman


Alyaksei Zhalnou has been foud guilty of assault against a policeman.

A son of a well-known Babrujsk-based blogger Aleh Zhaunou (Oleg Zhelnov) was sentenced to 3 years of restriction of freedom and a fine of 50 mln as a compensation of moral damages, BelaPAN informs.

For a few years Aleh Zhaunou has legal proceedings with police of Babrujsk. He accused several its officers of illegal actions and corruption. In their turn, local law-enforcing agencies opened new and new cases, mostly on charges related to violation of the Administrative Code.

The conflict between the blogger and officials of Babrujsk traffic police, which was tried in court, took place on September 4, 2013 near the headquarters of the State Traffic Police. Zhaunou and his son saw a traffic police car standing on the lawn, which is a violation of traffic regulations. They told policemen about that. However those said that the car was not on the pedestrian area, but on the grounds nearby. During the conflict Zaunou and his son were detained with the use of force.

Later a traffic policeman Alyaksadr Butkouski charged Alyaksei Zhaunou of hitting him on the face. Allegedly he had a brain concussion because of that, Aleh Zhaunou informs. He also notes that there was much confusion in the testimony of the witnesses at court, and the video recording of the conflict didn’t show his son hitting anyone.

“In the verdict of July 18 Judge Yuliya Berazyuk noted that contradictions of the victim that the testimony of witnesses didn’t correspond video footage, examined in the court, was a way to avoid criminal responsibility. The idea is: video recording is nothing, the main thing is that the evidence of traffic policemen, the witnesses, is the same for each of them, though it was not the same, except their mentioning blood allegedly seen on the face of Butouski. And video recording shows that there was no blood or injures on his face,” Aleh Zhaunou said.

Alyaksei Zhaukou didn’t plead guilty, and at the moment the family decides whether to challenge the verdict.

At the same time, Aleh Zhaunou is sure that the case of his son, as well as the case opened on the same charges “Violence or threat to use violence against a policeman”, initiated against his wife, is persecution of the blogger for his combat against corruption in police and public prosecution bodies.