21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:27

Kremlin calls emergency meeting of State Duma


Deputies were told to stop their planned vacations and gather in Moscow urgently.

They are gathered for participation in an extraordinary session because of the situation in eastern Ukraine, Ukrinform informs with a reference to a source in the State Duma.

“It is possible something is to happen tomorrow. Now this question is to be solved. Something is on the cards, as many deputies arrive, possibly for a quorum. Many deputies fly, … and they are to be in Moscow tomorrow already,” he said.

As said by the interlocutor of the agency, it is still unknown what a document is to be considered by deputies. As noted by the source, the only thing is clear, chief decision makers “are up to something” considering the situation in eastern Ukraine, as they are going to hold an emergency meeting of the State Duma.

“The Kremlin has not given the go-ahead, but it is clear they have planned something. And it has not been finally decided what will be in the document, which is to be considered, for example, bringing Russian peace-keeping forces into Ukraine, or something else,” the source underlined.

We remind that yesterday Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that “there is no military threat, threat to sovereignty, territorial integrity of the country today.” “The strategic balance in the world is a guarantee to that,” he noted. Putin assured that Russia “strictly abides by norms of the international law, complies with its obligations to its partners.”

Photo by Reuters