17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:23

Ambulance called for foster mother Iryna Motsnaya before trial


The trial over the former foster mother of the family-type children’s home Iryna Motsnaya from Klimavichy was postponed.

The district court explained that they do not have the files of the case. A district policeman, who was to bring them into the court, said to Iryna Motsnaya that he didn’t have the materials either. Allegedly the materials were in Mahilyou. As for Iryna Motsnaya, she was taken bad before the court trial. An ambulance was called in. Iryna Motsnaya is a hypertensive patient, she suffers from diabetes. The summons for July 29 was given to her, Radio Svaboda informs.

Iryna Motsnaya is charged with “forcible assertion of rights”. The woman allegedly didn’t want to return the children in her foster care after she was fired from the position of the foster mother of the family-type orphanage. In the documents received from the educational department of Kilmavichy district executive committee, it is said that the family-type children’s home “stopped its functioning”, and Iryna Motsnaya herself “was released from the duties of a foster parent.” The reason is the death of the foster father (her husband), as well as performance of Iryna Motsnaya’s duties of a foster mother inappropriately. It is not explained what is meant by this phrase.

Iryna Motsnaya states that she was not against returning children, but she demanded officials should give her documents explaining her firing. Besides, as said by the woman, she was worried about the mental state of her adopted children. As said by her, the children refused to leave the orphanage. But the officials demanded her to return children quickly.

Seven children were taken away on July 25. On this day in the morning, as Iryna Motsnaya said, she was forcibly taken to the district police department together with her son. She was kept at the police department for more than 11 hours. When she was detained, her 19-year-old son Vitaliy was handcuffed. The guy stayed there in handcuffs for 2 hours. There are marks on his arms. The guy says that policemen were extremely aggressive to him.

The district educational department denies comments on the situation with the orphanage. It is said that the children are safe, but it is not said, where they are. According to some reports, they were taken to Mahilyou, to a SOS-village for children.