24 January 2018, Wednesday, 2:39

Health workers’ salary to be “decently” raised by $15


Wage raise for is to make just Br150,000.

Charter97.org website has been informed about that by our regular reader, a doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics department one of Minsk hospitals.

“On July 1 Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich stated that since September 1, 2014 it is planned to raise salaries of health workers and teachers by average 15-18%. But the trick is that not real wages, but a position salary, which is a little more than Br1 million, is to go up. The rest is due to harmful exposure allowances, bonuses, seniority pay and so on. Thus Myasnikovich’s “manna from heaven” is to be equal to just Br150,000-180,000, which is to compensate losses from inflation, that’s all,” he explained.

It should be also noted that in June Minister of Health Care Vasily Zharko promised to “raise health workers’ wages decently”. But apparently the government is to deceive medical professionals again.