22 January 2018, Monday, 7:35

Russians drive Chryslers to Zhlobin to buy mussels


About 10 cars with tinted glass windows and Russian license plates were noticed in Homiel region.

A reader from Zhlobin reports that to the charter97.org editorial staff.

“Yesterday I saw ten cars in town with tinted glass windows and Russian license plates, four had transit license plates, one van with tinted windows and three with European license plates. Although, usually there would be no more than two cars with Russian license plates. The parkings near the two supermarkets were filled with cars. I did not see such cars in town before, for example, near the Evroopt there was a grey Chrysler. An Audi A6 was parked next to the former Olimp trading center, in the boulevard opposite the Belgasprombank office. Another car drove into a courtyard in the 16th district”, - he said.

The reader reckons that the guests came to stock on food.