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Factory of BRYU trolls


Pro-governmental Youth Union gives detailed instructions to their commentators on independent sites.

Readers of Nasha Niva inform. They sent copies of e-mails from Vitebsk Regional Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union to the editorial office. Staff members are given instructions on comments to be written under articles of the Belarusian media.

It is about Mikalai Statkevich's picket held on September 10.

"Instructions completely coincide with the topic discussion, the periodical writes. - It is noteworthy that the article appeared, as soon as the event happened on September 10. But the BRYU management works eight hours. Therefore, the instruction was spread on September 11, the time when cliché comments of "Anton", "Alla", "Yulia", "Ales" appeared.

It is evident that the factory of BRYU trolls operate in other regions of Belarus. Some trols have such nicknames like "Brestchanin", "Vasil Ashmiany".

Mikalai Statkevich's picket on free elections was ordered to be criticized. Meanwhile, Aliaksandr Lukashenka's programme was ordered to be praised: "I think no one needs explanations".

An ordinary reader with his own point of view has no instructions.

"These comments need screenshots" in capital letters reminds of the letter of the BRYU. Credence is not the thing a managing staff works with. It needs a documentary proof.

Trolls should send results of their activity in the evening, and write comments again in the morning.

If you take a look at some articles, then it is possible to see identical comments. They are not interested how it looks like, the number of comments is the only thing that counts.

The reason why trolls are so furious is that their comments are marked as junk, they have no chance to report.

"Rumour has it that the BRYU mobilizes paid commentators to create the online majority-impression, the periodical writes. - However, thanks to readers from Vitsebsk region it became possible to find documentary proves.

If it was an activity of a private structure, it would be considered unlawful. But it is about the Belarusian Republican Youth Union with a huge government funding here. Thus, it should be the organization that serves for the benefit of all the society. However, it is the organization with a state funding and of one political force, one politician".

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