22 January 2020, Wednesday, 13:52
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Changes To Come Not With Elections

Changes To Come Not With Elections

The unprecedentedly low turnout at the election to the State Duma of the Russian Federation excellently reflects the essence of the current situation...

All this, I must admit, looks rather stylish. Stuff like fake “brides” accidentally meeting Putin, alleged “people” calling endless hotlines, fake courts, fake sociology, allegedly free media...

The essence of Putin’s Russia is fake, and the “alleged election” of 2016 (to the fake “parliament”) provided us with an opportunity to admire the total harmony: the state puts balls on the people, and the people, respectively, put balls on the state. In particular, the people decided not to waste their time on this travesty.

The feudal, blown up turnout made by Kadyrov-Tuleyev will of course guarantee some sort of an illusion of the people’s presence in this process, but sand appears not a good replacement for oats.

The changes will come not with the elections, but with some catastrophe. Intellectuals knew that ever since the “Bolotnaya” repressions while the God-bearing people shrug their shoulders and continue waiting to see how the things work out. Hundreds thousands emigrated, millions fell into despair… It’s only the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center and Ostankino who can consider this eternal support to Putin and the United Russia, everybody else realizes we are dead in the water. All this, of course, cannot abolish my respect to the several hundred people who once again tried to change something here.

Viktor Shenderovich, Facebook