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Defective Generator Delivered At Belarusian NPP

Defective Generator Delivered At Belarusian NPP

The Belarusian NPP generating unit requires repair or replacement due to defects in design, revealed during the accident at the Novovoronezh NPP.

As previously reported, world's only pilot type generator unit "NPP-2006" of the Novovoronezh NPP broke down on November 10, 2016, after two weeks of work at 100% of capacity. Its repairs lasted for 2.5 months. A short circuit in the generator stator became the cause of the accident. The cause of the short circuit was the defective design of the equipment, previously untested.

A defective turbine generator has already been delivered to the Belarusian nuclear power plant, which Rosatom builds near Vilnius in Astravets district of Hrodna region. Including the shipping installation equipment, the stator’s weight is almost 500 tons. Now it has to be repaired in order to prevent a short circuit, or this multi-ton equipment has to be replaced. Such a decision was taken regarding the stator, burned down at the Novovoronezh NPP.

"One T3B-1200-2 type generator has been delivered to the Belarusian NPP, the second one is in the manufacturing process, – the press service of PJSC Power Machines reports in response to Bellona’s request, – all the turbine generators of this type will be modernized with consideration for additional studies and stand tests." It is not clear, if there is a technical possibility of stator’s "modernization" in the "field" conditions at the plant construction site, and not at the factory.

Thus, the Belarusian nuclear power plant continues to break records: first, the reactor vessel was replaced due to a fall from the height, now it looks like it is the turn of the generator stator.

Belarusian anti-nuclear campaign experts have repeatedly stated that it is a risky undertaking to construct a nuclear power plant upon an untested project. After all, the faults of construction can be revealed not only in the electrical unit, but also in the nuclear part of the generator unit. Lack of sufficient experience in operating the VVER-1200 reactor system and the"NPP-2006" type generator unit seriously increases the hazard of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, as some of the defects and problems may reveal themselves over time.

Andrei Azharouski, specially for Charter97.org

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