18 January 2020, Saturday, 20:54
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Reservists-Hunt Started In Belarus

Reservists-Hunt Started In Belarus

The military enlistment offices and the police are taking reservists right at their workplaces.

Reservists get summoned for the training assembly in Belarus. Those who come across the military draft say that even the reservists who haven’t been drafted for the military training assemblies for several years are summoned now, Radio Liberty reports.

It has been reported from Mahiliou, that draftees are handed the military subpoenas against acknowledgement right at their workplaces. Not only are the officers of the military enlistment offices involved into this, but the police also.

The visits of the military enlistment officers to the places of work of the potential draftees are explained by the latter’s possible absence at home or their presumable desire to find the reasons to avoid the military draft.

“Three officers arrived at our factory. They blocked the lodge. One of them stayed in the lodge, and the two others went right to the personnel department to check the data regarding the possible draftees. If they were at work, they were handed the subpoenas under acknowledgement. At some enterprises, the employees were taken right to the training assembly after handing the subpoena,” – an employee of one of the enterprises in Mahiliou has shared his experience.

It’s not only the residents of the Mahiliou region, but also of the neighbouring Minsk and Vitsebsk regions that have been called for the training assembly.

Meanwhile, some district newspapers informed on the “sudden check of the combat readiness of the territorial self-defense formations”. As reported, the military enlistment offices received a signal on “taking measures to gather and prepare the military manpower”. The reservists have been involved.

“Ammunition has been delivered preliminarily to the reception point, located at one of the city’s institutions,” – the Klichau district newspaper “Znamya Sovetov” wrote. –“The reservists arrived here in separated groups and equipped themselves, all standing. Then a special training was organized for the reservists, during which they were supposed to restore and deepen their knowledge and skills, necessary for the fulfillment of the missions set before the territorial self-defense forces.”

It is noted in the article that “it’s exactly the territorial self-defense forces which should give the state defense the all-national character.”

“The thesis on armies winning battles, while peoples winning wars has been realized in practice in Belarus,” – the newspaper issued by the Klichau district executive committee summarizes.

The publications in the district newspapers claim that in the end of last year the district executive committees received the resolutions on setting up the mobile structures for carrying out the mobilization of human and transport resources and conducting the mobilization provisions. At the sessions, they worked through the issues of notification of the reservists and the heads of the organizations-suppliers of transport means; assembling and organized expedition of the districts’ territorial troops to the reception point.

According to the website of the Ministry of Defense, they have been summoning the “guerrillas” indeed for a combat readiness check.

In total, 400 reservists will be drafted within several days to two military units – the 231st FA brigade and one of the mechanized brigades which are staffed with draftees in Minsk, as well as in the Minsk, Vitsebsk and Mahiliou regions.

The military draft is carried out in the framework of the complex check of the combat readiness of the Belarusian Armed Forces. The draft started on February 1, but the military men do not inform for how many days they summon the reservists. According to the website of the Ministry of Defense, the military events are aimed at “preparation to fulfillment of missions as intended”.