14 June 2021, Monday, 9:21
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Stanislau Shushkevich: Lukashenka Is Losing Power

Stanislau Shushkevich: Lukashenka Is Losing Power
Stanislau Shushkevich

Losers-government security services invented the Patriot case to justify their existence.

The first head of independent Belarus Stanislau Shushkevich told in the interview with Charter97.org.

- There are 30 defendants in the White Legion case. Why has this obvious politically motivated persecution of patriots been initiated by the regime?

My answer is simple - this is a low-skilled provocation invented by the government and losers-government security services to justify repressions caused by fear of mass actions. A peaceful protest against power is being presented as some sort of "a terrorist thing".

It's an ordinary provocation. And it is really blackguardly to do this at the state level. But Lukashenka and his hangers-on have no other way out. That's why they do it.

Let's imagine that someone was organizing a military coup. One should be an idiot, or a detractor, or a state terrorist.

The government of Belarus engages in the state terror, this can be said for sure. To justify it, it fabricated the Patriot case. There are no more reasons. I do not admit that defendants in the Patriot case, such as Pavel Yakubovich, Henadz Davydzka, could prepare something of this kind.

- Should those arrested under the White Legion case be recognized as political prisoners? Would that help to resolve the issue of their release?

- I am not a specialist in the law, according to which someone is recognized as a political prisoner. But I think that this fact should be taken into account and there are some grounds to do it. It will also make it clear to the Belarusian government that it has practiced a low-skilled provocation and humiliated the dignity and the status of our country.

This power keeps "surprising" us. Zbigniew Brzezinski used to call them "transitional" governments. Once again the Belarusian regime proves that it is fake and a transitional one. And it cannot hold power in the country anymore.

People will become poorer and will lose opportunities for a normal life. The regime will practice such fabricated cases to "justify" its existence.

Now Belarus needs a complete shift of the political system. It will lead to liberalization and positive changes in the economy. Otherwise, we will stay on the sidelines of the history.

How should western countries respond to repressions against Belarusian patriots?

- They should associate with the democratic movement of Belarus.

Unfortunately, they have no a clear picture of events in our country. And we must show them. As soon as they see what the Belarusian authorities are doing, they will take tough measures.

Western governments need to know that the Patriot' case has been developed by unprincipled and "intense" politician technologists, enemies of the Belarusian people by their very nature.

Defendants in the Patriot case are subjects to the release without waiting for the reaction of human rights organizations. This "case" is a complete provocation.