21 April 2018, Saturday, 0:55

Officials-Amateurs Leave Belarusians without Pensions


Normal pensions and decent salaries are possible with a change of power.

The former Minister of Labor Aliaksandr Sasnou told in the interview with Charter97.org.

- An attempt to self-immolation of the worker of the Gomel Comintern because of problems with the pension stirred up a public opinion in Belarus. As a former Minister of Labor, what assessment can you give to what happened in Homel?

- In this case we are talking about the fact that the worker "lost" 18 years of working experience in Russia. The woman used to work in Petrozavodsk and now cannot get documents from there.

There is one lesson Belarusians must learn: in the conditions of such a bureaucracy with pensions that exists in our country, it is necessary to worry about a pension, what is called, since the youth - as soon as you begin your working experience. It is much easier to lose pension than one could imagine.

My can only advise this woman to try somehow to restore her documents of 18 years of work in Russia by means of some law enforcement agencies.

Many Belarusians will have to prove their right to a full-fledged pension now. If earlier personnel departments and the state were engaged in this, now everyone should struggle for the pension on his own.

- Now Belarusians have to fight for not only a pension, but a salary. Not so long ago, a worker protested on a tower crane ... Is there any regularity?

- Yes, it is very indicative: the worker climbed the crane because he was not paid as expected. It indicates that all means of the government to make enterprises pay salaries do not work.

We see that the state does not provide things it should do. In this connection, one problem arose in Belarus. More precisely, there are a lot of problems in the country, but this one perfectly describes the paradox of the situation: workers of state enterprises can stay without pensions. The administration of these enterprises simply does not pay contributions to the Social Protection Fund.

And as a result, as officials write, workers will remain without full-fledged pensions because these unpaid years will not be considered a working experience. This is just the apotheosis of incompetence of the authorities. How is it possible for state-owned enterprises not to provide pensions to their own workers?!

The situation is clear with failures of mandatory contributions on the part of private enterprises. It is always possible to declare bankruptcy, sell off property and redeem debts on salaries and contributions to the Pension Fund. And why do not state enterprises do this?

Here is another illustrative example of the "creativity" of our officials: in Belarus the pension experience is now based on the number of contributions to the Pension Fund. What should people do who did not do it? What should military men and other employees do when they do not have their contracts extended and are thrown out of the system? As a result, very many Belarusians not paid contributions to the Pension Fund for have found themselves without a part of their working experience.

It prove only one thing - officials earning high salaries are not professionals at all. They are just amateurs. And these amateurs receive good salaries from the people's pocket, sit in a cozy office and continue to puff out their faces.

Many Belarusians will remain without pensions because of their amateurism.

And all because once, 23 years ago, citizens of our country hoped for a "freebie". Alas, now we have to pay for it. It happened that the issue of normal pensions and decent wages became the matter of power change.