25 June 2018, Monday, 7:10

Minsk Is Ours


It's for us to decide how it will look like, not for Lukashenka's temporary workers.

I left the house an hour ago and thought that I live in such a quiet neighborhood, near the Tractor Plant. It seems that there are quite a lot of large enterprises nearby: a tractor plant, a gear factory, an electrical plant, and the people living here often leave much to be desired...

And the houses themselves are located so that the courtyards are quiet. And the birds sing. And there are a lot of trees. Have you heard about the "renovation" in Moscow? They demolish Khrushchevka buildings (Khrushchev-era apartment blocks – note).

If we now let them to destroy Osmolovka,if we let them to build it up with another business centers and hotels - tomorrow they will come for the Khrushchevka buildings. They are also "old buildings".

I do not want to lose the place where I live. That's why I am for Osmolovka now. We have to show that we are many, and that we do care.

And I spent the first year of my life in a village near tractor plant. And now it is also threatened with demolition.

I can not resist, I will quote Volha Shparaha, who expressed in clear words what I felt, but could not put it into thoughts. Thank you, Volha.

"We can not talk about architecture and the city only in terms of life of structure. It kills not only the history - architecture and the city, but also the community. Both these murders strengthen the authoritarian state, for which people are nothing, and history is an instrument – we preserve the architectural symbols of power, and we destroy the symbols of the life of specific communities and people."

Minsk is ours. It's for the citizens walking around the capital every day to decide what to destroy and what to save, and not for the officials, who see the city exclusively through the tinted glass of their cars. This city is not valuable for them, because they see it only as a tool and a place of residence.

And I can not help quoting Anna Seviarynets:

"He says, "Buildings in Osmolovka are like boxes. Okay, they are boxes. Leave us these boxes. We want them there. You do not want, but we do want. There are many of us, you are alone. Well, maybe there are two of you. Even if there are ten of you. You are servants here. We are the hosts. He says, "the city will earn at least." We are the city. We do not need money earned from the murder of Osmolovka."

If we give away Osmolovka - we will lose everything. With time.

Sign the petition, but most importantly - come to the administration of the Central District of Minsk at 18:30 on June 26 for a discussion.

Aramais Mirakian