21 July 2018, Saturday, 12:52

Seviarynets: Let Whole Country Listen To What Lukashenka And Vakulchyk Are Talking About On Phone


The politician commented on a "hocus pocus" of people in uniform.

BCD co-chairman Pavel Seviarynets received a letter from the Pershamaiski district police department with the result of the police check on the fact of illegal recording of his telephone conversation during the defense of Kurapaty in the spring of this year, bchd.info reports.

As the representative of the BT explained, according to the Pershamaiski district police department, the "anonymous source" provided them the record (as is stated in the text), while they themselves did not have the aim of "violating the rights and legitimate interests of citizens."

Thus, the deputy head of the department A. V. Parashchuk sums up, there are no signs of corpus delicti in the actions of employees of Belteleradiocompany, who made a TV film using the record of telephone conversations.

– It's a hocus pocus: someone illegally eavesdropped on your telephone conversations, anonymously transmitted the record to BT and they used it in a libelous film, but there is no violation of the law! – Pavel Seviarynets comments on the results of the police "check." – I feel shame for the people in uniform. My dear, where is your legal education? This is not a thimblerig, but a cognizable case. If it's all legal, then let the whole country listen to what Lukashenka and Vakulchyk are talking about on the phone. Maybe, we will establish then, who was the "anonymous source"?