21 June 2018, Thursday, 18:50

Yury Novikau: Belarusians To Respond To Cave Age Decrees


People will not let the rudeness of bureaucrats go by.

People will for sure remember this year due to the Outraged Belarusians Marches, which were held all over the country. The decree on "parasites" became a catalyst for popular protests. Thousands of Belarusians took to the streets of their cities to say "Basta!" to the annoying parasites in the offices.

The authorities backed off and promised to cancel the infamous decree. The promise was not fulfilled and the "parasites" returned to the agenda. What to expect from the second coming of Decree No. 3, whether we should wait for new actions of outraged Belarusians – the Сharter97.org website asked the representative of the Belarusian National Congress in Mahilyou, Yury Novikau.

– As expected, they returned Decree №3. Even with such comments, like Lukashenka's "take a shovel and work." How do people react to this? Should we expect new protests of "parasites"?

– A boor will always be a boor. "Take a shovel in your teeth and go to work" – they had better paid people. Nobody will work for bread and water.

The Constitution guarantees the right to work, not a duty. Every person lives as he or she believes is right for him or her. Someone lives on saved funds, someone earns on real estate. In civilized countries, work is not measured by "fatigue." There is no such approach that "if you are tired, this means you have worked." There are different ways of earning money. All these decrees are as if from a stone age and a cave.

The Belarus shown on TV and the real one have nothing in common. Officials got out of touch with reality and live in the clouds. All this happens because someone has run out of money. Lukashenka does not have enough money to support the army of hirelings.

He is trying to find new "sheep for shearing," he is trying to get something from these "parasites". But it's not going to work out with all the will in the world. Our people live hand-to-mouth. You may start shooting the people – no one will pay.

It’s another stupid and savage decree that only makes our people angry. Belarusians are very sensitive to such changes. Once people are forced – they take to the square. If the authorities think that the people might lose it on the wind, then they are very mistaken.