26 May 2019, Sunday, 7:27
For our and your freedom!

Cooperative "Ozero"

Iryna Khalip

Refrigerator has already wun.

They flooded every metre, but it's not enough. They have uglified the city beyond all recognition, and they keep clawing and destroying everything they can reach. Others would have already died of gluttony and flied to stinky pieces; but these ones are still alive, still hungry and still getting fat. Now they gargeted at Ozero.

I can even imagine how it all happened. The ruler likely organized other secret meeting on "why people hate me, why the whole Internet mocks at me, why people ignore TV, order you to find all users and punish them severely", and ideologists say: "The thing is, dear, that propagandists have to work in very heavy conditions. They hide in fighting holes, write texts by hand, and their caretaker’s lodge serves as workplace. It does not contribute to work efficiency at all. It would better to build a propaganda-aimed building with cosy offices and Persian carpets; it ought to locate in the center and in the green area. Then they will shine and people will cling to TV screens. Three-four hectares overlooking the river bank will be enough for us."

They have already found an appropriate place on Svislach River bank, the place where sports complex Dinamo locates. The building will be demolished; the call for the best architectural idea is announced. Everything is fine; even readers of independent websites do not resent but say that this Soviet building can serve only as the site to hold dog and horse shows. Let it be demolished. Only people with no children, especially of school age, can say it.

There are two sports schools for children in this ugly building. My colleague has recently wondered on Facebook where all those girls and boys with rapiers, helmets, rackets disappeared. They did not disappear. They all are in this building on Svislach River bank, where the book fair is held on Saturday night and dog and horse shows on the weekend. But five days a week children have their free, by the way, trainings.

The contest has been recently announced, but the fate of the sports complex was decided in the spring. Coaches working there immediately realized it when the State Control appeared. They spent much time there looking for disturbances. Sports sections were asked to render documents they never heard about earlier. It was assumed that the building would be handed in for a Chinese entertainment center. The truth lied somewhere in the middle: sports sections for children will not be available anymore, and the building will become the residence of the Belarusian television. And rolling in soft chairs of new offices overlooking the river, propagandists will promptly make all Belarusians cling to TV screens and stop resisting. Paris is worth a mass, children come later. Let them sit at home, it's safer.

Of course, I agree that the building looks disguisting. But I suspect that media centre of "Chizh and Co" architectural style will look even more unsightly. For sure, the sports facility of the 70s has run outdated. But it could have been useful for children for many more years after wise reconstruction works. By the way, money for reconstruction has been already allocated - 3 billion rubles (non-demoninated). And it exists on paper. But in realiry, 3 billions fell into oblivion. They lost their way to reconstruction site and settled down in pockets of the inner circle. They constantly need pocket-money. A million or a billion.

Well, they can completely ruin children's sports. To seize all buildings and crowd them with ideologists and propagandists, close down SDUShORs (Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve), increase media staff. Anyway, it will not save propaganda. Refrigerator has already wun.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org