13 December 2018, Thursday, 22:10
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Shlyndzikau: No One Will Buy Anything From Us, Given Such Attitude To Private Property


No investors will come, if the old rules of the game are preserved.

The State Committee on Property defined the list of 43 enterprises for privatization in 2018. According to head of the institution Aliaksandr Hayeu, this refers to the updated list which to a certain extent repeats the squad of enterprises which were included in the list of the previous year.

The head of the State Committee on Property told about the pilot list of 22 enterprises, the ordinary share capital of which was offered for the Chinese investors to enter. According to the official, no great interest was shown by their side though, Your Country's tomorrow writes.

— Negotiations were held with regard to the Homselmash, but they brought no result so far, — Aliaksandr Hayeu clarified.

As the government newspaper Respublika previously reported, the Chinese investors made counter-proposals that were unacceptable for the Belarusian side: the replacement of the administration of the Homselmash by Chinese specialists, the abandonment of the company's debts and the reduction of staff by at least a third.

Ex-president of the concern "Amkodor" Vasil Shlyndzikau also believes that with the preservation of the old rules of the game, investors will not come.

— Not under this government. Given such an attitude to an investor, to private property, no one will buy anything here, — the expert predicts.

He believes that many enterprises that are offered to the investors today remain in a poor state. Even if they manage to find someone eager to buy a loss-making enterprise, the potential investors should remember the destiny of the former "Motovelo" owner Aliaksandr Murauyou.

— We are the only country where they can set a condition before the investor to keep the number of employees and the wages. No other country practices such approach, — the interlocutor of the Your Country's Tomorrow stresses.

Without drastic changes of the approaches to privatization, the repeat of the same old mistakes is waiting for us, the expert is convinced.

— In this case, the plan of privatization-2018 will repeat the destiny of the plans for 2017, 2016, till 1994, — the expert says.