21 January 2019, Monday, 5:27
Thanks, everyone

Reader: "I Do Care About Fate Of My Country And My Charter"

Belarusians continue to express solidarity with the blocked independent website.

Belarusians continue to participate in the "I Am Charter 97!" campaign. The site’s editorial office received another letter from a not indifferent reader:

– I, as a regular reader of the site, participate in the "I Am Charter 97!" campaign against the illegal blocking of the site.

I believe that only we, the Belarusian people, should decide which sites we are to read. And no one has the right to do this for us. We can sort it through ourselves where there is truthful information, and where it is distorted by propaganda... Therefore, I cannot but join the campaign.

I care about the fate of my country and my Charter," – the Charter97.org reader wrote.