19 January 2019, Saturday, 20:51
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Yury Khashchevatski: Lukashenka Has Nightmares

Yury Khashchevatski

Today is Yerevan, Minsk comes tomorrow.

The Armenian revolution is certainly inspiring. Well-know Belarusian film director Yury Khashchevatski stated that in the interview to Charter97.org while commenting on the situation in Belarus regarding the victory of the Armenians.

- The other day, April 23, the "Velvet Revolution" won in Armenia. What did you feel when you read the news?

- That victory was expected. The people who have always know their unique history, language and culture now are generating their inner strength. The power of nobility and dignity, which does not allow the nation to be deceived.

Serzh Sargsyan had a fairly good image on the eve of protests – before he tried to use the ploy with the Constitution to take the third term. By the way, I think that his image will remain good – after all, he renounced violence, apologized to the people and admitted that he was wrong. He managed to resign with honor.

But the reaction of the Armenians is even more noteworthy. They spoke out: "We can't be deceived, we won't bow to the hypocrisy of the authorities." "Leave lies for someone else!", in fact, it was voiced in the streets of Armenia. this is the very case when we observe the new true people's power. Let some mistakes occur, it's natural. but the main thing is that everything meets the law, the will of the majority. And it will finally result in a civilized outcome.

Events in Armenia are the Revolution of Dignity like that in Ukraine. The only thing that differs: Sargsyan turned to be not Yanukovich. He did not shoot at his compatriots. I express my respect. Although every attempt to retain power is worth reproach, the Armenian people stepped up against it.

Of course, to a large extent the attempt to deceive the people is inspired by its northern and our eastern neighbor. And this factor will affect for loand and will bear more problems for the new government. Let's talk about it later. And now I'd like to congratulate the Armenian people that they have proved their dignity and right to be called the nation.

-Yesterday, delivering the so-called "message to the people and the Parliament", Lukashenka turned to Armenia several times. Why does the dictator pay attention to this topic?

-Lukashenka understands that Armenia answered all his questions including one considering the eternal reign. And the only thing he was right for all 24 years of the reign is that "everything will be like in Armenia". Lukashenka must have second sight. Indeed, sooner or later, but everything will be like in Armenia.

People will open their eyes and realize that this man, who neglected all constitutional norms and human principles, extended his power to infinity. What is the purpose? It would have been a different matter, if he had made his country flourish, as Lee Kuan Yew did in Singapore. But this person has driven the country into the economic crisis. Today GDP equals to one of the year 1993. Lukashenka's reign has proved disastrous. Of course, everyone can face economic failures, but if he had not grabbed a hold of the reign tightly, Belarus would have overcomed the crisis. .

Now way. Lukashenka keeps dragging us into the abyss. And he understands it. And he constantly fears that Belarus will follow Armenia, Ukraine, or even Lybia or Iraq in footsteps. The gallery of defeated friends-dictators stands before Lukashenka's eyes: Hussein, Milošević and others. And all these nightmares keep him from a quiet sleep.

-The victory of the revolution caused unadulterated joy on Belarusian social networks. Even the mob "Armenians, it's for you!" was launched. But under the new law on mass media any "seditious" comments can be prohibited, as well as the media that publish them. How could you comment on it?

- It is almost the same way that Russia took. And the epic resistance of Roskomnadzor and Telegram shows us the result of it. Roskomnadzor has failed.

This shameful battle with the civilization will be lost both in Russia and Belarus. But they will not succeed. Yes, some Belarusian sites will introduce mandatory registration of commentators. But I absolutely know that Lukashenka will not be able to force "Google", "Facebook", "Amazon" to give him data of their users.

And it will result in the same blank shot as Russia had with Telegram. The authorities will try to chase a ghost, but there is none. It will remind the attempt to block "Charter-97".

The authorities try to indimidate, but it's not scary. I guess many conscious people feel the same. It's just a battle of feudal lords with the 21st century. "Dogs-knights", armed with lawless "law" are trying to defeat civilization. It only causes laughter.

- Right after the revolution won in Armenia Russian publicist wrote: "Putin is the next". Can it be applicable to Belarus?

- The Armenian revolution is certainly inspiring. But we will only have to make our way to it. Those who are still thinking whether it is worth or not, I'd like to say that such steps are required, there's no other option.

The formula "Today is Yerevan, Minsk is tomorrow" is a constant. Variables can differ, but the essence remains. "Tomorrow" may have not a literal meaning. It's a symbolic. Events in Belarus and Russia will follow those in Armenia.

And we are the one to decide what tomorrow brings. The Belarusian society needs to pass some way to feel like citizens and the nation. Nevertheless, Belarus has strength and its vector is determined. It inspires joy and hope.