20 February 2019, Wednesday, 11:18
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Activist Of Mothers 328: I Joined Hunger Strike To Stop Lawlessness In Country


A hunger strike of Mothers 328 continues in Kalinkavichy.

Six women from Kalinkavichy, Mozyr, Zhlobin, Homel and Mahiliou have been on a hunger strike in one apartment for five days already, Homelskaya Vesna reports. They are seeking a personal meeting with Lukashenka, reviewing the criminal cases of their relatives and changes in anti-drug legislation.

On the first day of the hunger strike, the chairman of the Kalinkavichy district executive committee, Siarhei Hvozdz, and the chairman of the "Council of Deputies" Viktar Zamostsik voiced to the strikers, that the administration of the ruler was ready to meet with them. The women agreed to a meeting, but did not stop the hunger strike. They are weakened, have problems with blood pressure, sugar, most of them complain of muscle cramps. The ambulance comes to the starving almost daily, measures blood pressure.

On April 30, another woman Maria Leanenka from Zhlobin joined the hunger strikers. Her son was sentenced to 10 years in prison under art. 328 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

"There are no proofs that my son is guilty, however he was sentenced to 10 years in the colony, – Maria says. – Therefore, I joined the hunger strike in order to stop this lawlessness in the country. 3 years the authorities only promised, but did nothing. This is our cry from the heart, this is the last hope to save the youth."

Other activists of the Mother 328 movement come to protesters every day to express solidarity and offer their help.

"I heard a lot of stories here about who and for what were convicted under article 328 and were sentenced to imprisonment in a colony," – Siarhei Yakushkin from Mozyr says, "but when my son was sentenced to 9 years for selling "ascophene" and "tsitramon," it was terrible and fearful. My wife and I do not leave sad thoughts for a minute. I can not go on the hunger strike because only I work in the family, but I fully agree with women, I often visit them, help and support."

The meeting of the strikers with officials in the administration of Lukashenka is scheduled for May 2.

"I do not feel any gratitude that high officials finally noticed us and agreed to meet," – Tatsiana Kaneuskaya from Homel says. – It's a pity that we had to pay such a price to get a meeting with Lukashenka and other officials. We tried all the ways, but were forced to go to extreme measure, to sacrifice their health."