19 January 2019, Saturday, 20:48
Thanks, everyone

Lukashenka’s Adventure Ends In Failure


The dictator is afraid to even comment on his failure.

Сhairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Pavel Seviarynets stated this to the site Charter97.org, commenting on the failure of the Belarusian national ice hockey team at the World Championships in Denmark:

- I think that this is one of those adventures that will remain in history after Lukashenka. The money, which is so lacking for the development of the economy, was directed at the stupid whim of the dictator. We now see how it ended. Foreign coaches are invited, ice palaces are built, huge investments are made in advertising, in the hockey club "Dynama-Minsk", and there are no results anywhere. Neither Dynama nor the national team give results. They just invite Canadians and give them Belarusian passports. All this ends badly.

Argentinian Maradona became a cherry on the cake here. Of course, we "really need" Diego Maradona now in Brest "Dynama"! The authorities issued an unknown amount of money, which, I am convinced, could pay for the work of a thousand teachers and build dozens of homes for the homeless. These funds could be spent wisely.

Of course, this is a failure, for which in any democratic country a head of the national committee should retire.

In my opinion, Lukashenka has not commented on the failure of Belarusian hockey players, because he understands that there is simply nothing to talk about. Maybe he is even somewhat afraid of speaking, because he knows the people realized that the dictator's adventure ended in failure.