20 March 2019, Wednesday, 17:11
A Challenge for Everyone

Sole Traders Furious At Forced Subscription


Hrodna sole traders are in confrontation with the tax inspection.

Everyone knows that subscribing to print media is "voluntary." But it is evident that the employees of the Hrodna tax inspection have not heard about it. Given that in the Yuzhny market, they have held a campaign to subscribe to the Businessman's Consultant magazine, Radio Racyja reports.

There are sole traders who felt unjustified pressure during the subscription. Chairman of the Yuzhny market council Andrei Shestsiarakou says:

– The price of the glossy magazine is 16 rubles 41 kopecks. This is substantial money. If in this situation a sole trader, having no money, refuses, then the inspector puts pressure on him. He notes down the number of the trading place, and the sole trader is warned that he is the No. 1 candidate for an unscheduled inspection. What is that supposed to mean? Why does this practice still exist