23 February 2019, Saturday, 12:55
Appeal of the BPR Rada

The Sword For Crocodile


Time to pay the piper always comes unexpectedly.

And this time it has bluntly shaken Drazdy. Creditor are persistent and stubborn. And at least a billion dollars is required to serve the debt, even if the authorities strain themselves. And where should they get it from?

Negotiations with the IMF failed. It insisted on reforms, which's expected. But this is an insult for proud authorities. Putin was brazen enough to remind of the union state during Sochi talks. And he appointed officer as an ambassador instead of granting a billion. After this humiliating voyage he had to come up with an emotional fairy tale about new wave of fraternal ties.

Time was passing by. And the debt issue was as acute as before. The list of possible creditors looked disappointing. The world is big, but there's no place to borrow money. Subordinates offered to seek his fortune in Zimbabwe. Of course, they will not give currency. But it is rich with gold, oil, gas, platinum and others. Great perspective! Things with Robert Mugabe turned to be a complete failure. And his guard known as Crocodile has come into power. You can say what you like but famous politician and democrat Emmerson Mnangagwa won the presidential elections in June. It's a good reason to make a statement, isn't it? In addition, to present a gift for the birthday held not long ago.

Said and done. And it was needed to come up with an unusual gift. Given his former career, it would be better to present something cool or even creepy. A sword! It would be really great. They also wanted to present a sheepskin hat and a felt cloak, but someone said it might bear misunderstanding. After all, it is hot in Africa.

And it was decided to present the sword. It's clear that it should be breathtaking. It was creative. As soon as they came up with the gift, it was time to leave for Uzbekistan. And it was time for harvesting. And on that day his inner circle and girls-enthusiasts came together. The money issue took a back seat. It could seem there was nothing to spoil that peaceful mood. As if!

The ruler was the first to smell a rat. At first sight, there was no reason to ring the alarm. The autumn was gaining its strength. The stability reached its top. To say nothing of Drazdy.

In addition, he had to harvest potatoes in his backyard. . Sponsored rest house received first autumn gifts - watermelons, chickens and rabbits. There was no sign of an impending storm.

All of a sudden, this autumn peace was broken with half-remembered sounds. It was the sound of gurgling, a persistent one. He immediately moved towards the wood of ebonies.

That's it! A company of cool guys made themselves comfortable under a swaying bush of a passion fruit. Their faces looked familiar. He personally appointed some of them to positions. And now he sees them near a hooch still. And a sly is about to drink this "fuel" and to chase it with a pickle likely stolen from his personal backyard. What sublime impudence!

It does not make any sense now to wonder whether it was true or not. But there was a tough meeting. And he discharged his wrathful speech upon them. "You can choose people to drink with, to talk to. Go ahead! You are leaders and you can do it. But as for drinking, you must know when enough is enough. It was a collective farm office of a full-fledged socialism.

He let a group from the State Secretariat of the Security Council in the Ministry of Sports so that "many officials", "not only in the government" - felt themselves uncomfortable. It's an extreme measure, but quite understandable. What if bottles rattle in their desks all of a sudden. In general, is it time for them to forget the heritage of wise Comrade Andropov?

A new Zimbabwean leader really liked the gift of our local authorities. He thoroughly examined the blade, admired the picture of his tribe engraved on the blade. And it seems that the message was received. However, he did not make a generous gesture in return. Perhaps, there is a tradition in Zimbabwe to think that every gift is made without any reason.

The African story is not the only pebble on the beach. Aborigens can be tested out. There are enough places in the world we are not known. Who has come up with this damn billion? The appetite of local authorities is greater. After all, they thought of no consequences while stealing. Over 2017 the external deby increased by 22.6%. In 2019-2025 Belarus has to repay $23.46 billion of external and domestic debt. It's easy to calculate how much every citizens of Belarus - a adult and a baby - must pay. It's a great perspective for the country.

Once Nikita Khrushchev set a high objective - to blur the lines between a city and a rural area. Years later, a small district which won the way to power hit at even greater objective - to blur the line between the state and the collective farm. It's an absurd. However, no significant obstacles in its realization have been mentioned.

It's almost twenty five years of this hectic and strange life. Next summer the ruler celebrates a significant date of his unexpected breakthrough. The situation is a fantastic one. But still there are some people who believe that this promotee and his gang drinking hard will make our way to a bright future. And it's quite possible that a gift from Zimbabwe is already being forged.

With a totem sign of Gorodets collective farm on the blade.

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for Charter97.org