19 April 2019, Friday, 0:37
For our and your freedom!

Basta: Guys, Does History Teach You Anything?


Usually such narrow-minded people are overthrown.

All dictators are similar. They surround themselves with luxury, they live in palaces, they purchase expensive things: airplanes, yachts, Maybachs – here, we recognize, tastes differ a little. They impose exorbitant taxes on the сitizens of their countries, who usually live in poverty. Someone needs to pay for the ruler’s good life, the Telegram channel Basta writes.

Usually such narrow-minded people are overthrown. Worst of all, when the successor of the loser does not learn from his mistakes.

Today's Lukashenkz's guest – Zimbabwe ruler Mnangagwa – is one of those. Not so long ago, angry citizens successfully threw his greedy predecessor Mugabe off the throne. But Mnangagwa did not learn any useful lessons from the revolution. This is not surprising – they are from the same party. And at a time when protests against rising prices broke out again in the homeland, Mnangagwa flew to Minsk on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in an exclusive VIP layout, which costs $ 300 million dollars, and an hour of rent costs $ 74,000.

Guys, does history teach you anything? When you compete with Lukashenka in a plane-measuring contest there, are you discussing at least some plans for the future? Your friends Muammar and Saddam do not come into your dreams with the words “We have gone too far, do not repeat our mistakes, maybe then you will get lucky and will just get in jail in The Hague”?

Your citizens are not such fools as you consider them. We see everything and understand everything. And we have a good memory.