19 April 2019, Friday, 0:30
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Brahin Resident Demands To Check Constitutionality Of “Parasite” Decree


Uladzimir Tserametski got a “chain letter” in late December.

A 52-year-old resident of Brahin, Uladzimir Tserametski, got a “chain letter” at the end of December. The man worked for six years as a lawyer in the communal service, after which he got a work as a watchman at the deironing station. A year ago, he was made redundant, and since then has not found new employment. There is not much time left to confirm employment, but the man has not yet applied to the commission, tut.by writes.

The difficulty that Uladzimir faces is the lack of vacancies with a “more or less decent salary”.

– After I was made redundant, I started to look for work and addressed the local government. But I was offered 150-200 rubles. I had earned about 300 rubles as a watchman, but worked there a day after three days off, – the man recalls.

Uladzimir explains that the increase in tariffs does not concern him – there is no water heating in the house, only geysers. The Rraising will affect the family only in October.

The man wrote two letters to the Brahin regional executive committee and the Homel regional executive committee on December 29, but “there has been no answer yet”. There he asks to exclude him from the base of parasites, and also demands to check the decree on constitutionality because of “forcing to labor”. In addition, Uladzimir worries that his data will fall into a publicly accessible database, which can be used by various government agencies.

So far, there is a chance that he will be able to prove his “employment in the economy”: a man has a house 20 km from Brahin, which used to belong to his mother and 50 hectares of land. Now Uladzimir watches the garden and feeds the chickens there. Since there is no work in town, he goes to the country almost every day. Now the only family income is the salary of the wife, who works as the head of a pharmacy. The woman receives about 800−900 rubles per month.

The family has a son who is doing his second year in Poland. Uladzimir suggests that he can receive a notification as well. If this happens, the man will have to translate a certificate confirming the training, which will cost about 30 rubles.

– He’s sent such a document for the military office – I took it there to confirm his three-year study. This piece of paper is in Polish. To translate, I have to go to Homel to the translator, pay 15 rubles. Then bring it to Brahin, to a notary officer, also pay 15 rubles. I do not work. Where to get this money?