19 April 2019, Friday, 0:35
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Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Belarus Has European Future


Ukraine is closely following the situation in Belarus.

For Kiev, it is important that Russia does not get direct or indirect control over Belarus and Moldova, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin says. In this way he comments on the integration controversy between Minsk and Moscow, Radio Svaboda reports.

– We do not influence over Belarus. This is an independent country. There are principles of international law. Obviously, it is very important for us that Russia does not get, I will accurately say, a controlling stake in Moldova and Belarus, so that in principle it does not receive direct or indirect control, and it wants to get it – this is perfectly clear to everyone.

Klimkin believes that Belarus has a European past and future.

– When it will happen – tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I do not want to speculate, but nonetheless. But we, I will again say accurately, we are following very closely the situation, and I assure you: we do this every day. And the fact that we are looking for opportunities, usually within the framework of international law, as a civilized country committed to democratic values, to help those forces that see Moldova and Belarus as independent countries that see their future in Europe, is obvious, but only within the framework of international rights.