21 January 2020, Tuesday, 7:54
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‘This Is Third Time They Pay Us Wages With Stockings, Socks’

‘This Is Third Time They Pay Us Wages With Stockings, Socks’

The workers of the Homel knitwear factory are outraged.

As it became known, at the Homel knitwear factory “March 8” the salary was partially paid with products: stockings, socks and underwear. It is reported that it wasn’t the first time the workers are paid this way.

Belsat tried to figure out whether this information is true and what factory workers think about it.

The interlocutor, who wished to remain anonymous, said that indeed, part of the salary in the amount of BYN 80 was given in the form of two certificates for BYN 40 each for the goods produced at “March 8” factory. In the payment roll, they wrote “80 rubles” with a pen. When some workers disagreed with the situation, the director issued an order, which each employee had to sign:

“These certificates have been issued to us for about a third time. Thus, the management of the factory wants to execute the order of the head of the country in raising the salaries of state employees,” the employee believes.

Other workers who agreed to the conversation with us say that they issued certificates as gifts for the New Year:

“These 80 rubles are a plus for salary. They were given as a gift for the New Year. But not everyone is really happy with this gift, because people need to pay for utilities, eat, and it is impossible to do with these certificates. ”

It was not possible to get official information from the company's managers: nobody answers the phone calls.