20 January 2021, Wednesday, 12:49
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Lukashenka Represents the ‘Russian World’ in Belarus

Lukashenka Represents the ‘Russian World’ in Belarus

The Kremlin can see well both the Pahonia and the white-red-white flags of our protests.

Lukashenka and Putin will not sign anything specific, although they were not going to.

Or rather, nothing new.

Some papers will be signed Lukashenka will lie about or hide the fact of their existence, while the Kremlin will add them to the folder called "Annexation".

The name of these papers does not matter: road maps, deepening of depths or expansion of latitudes. The Kremlin sticks to its plan, which consistently deprives Belarus of its independence, property, helping to stifle freedom and arranging its military games on our land.

This is a heinous theft of our statehood. This is the crawling annexation, which the Kremlin plans to complete at a suitable moment for it, maybe before the elections of in 2024 or even earlier.

The Kremlin has a devoted assistant who has been working hard for twenty-five years to destroy the independence of Belarus.

In fact, Lukashenka is the only real representative of the "Russian world" in Belarus. He has held the pre-sale preparation of the country for the Kremlin. He is the Sochi beggar who is trying to play the defender of the Belarusian independence standing on his knees in front of the aging security officer.

He defends nothing but his power, money, rotting "vertical". Having created a repressive and bureaucratic system of power, he reliably fenced it off from Europe, but turned the territory of Belarus into a Kremlin military bridgehead.

It's funny, of course, when this Latin American dictator is presented as a guarantor of Belarus' independence.

He defends only his personal interests, while the opposition, civil society, independent journalism, all Belarusians who reject this regime and protest against it defend Belarus.

Putin does not dare to "finally resolve the Belarusian issue" because there is someone to protect the independence of Belarus. The Kremlin can see well our white-red-white flags, as well as people with our Pahonia. These days they are protesting against annexation, against the Kremlin and against his protégé Lukashenka.

Let the Kremlin and home-bred propagandists lie about these protests, downplaying their strength and significance. The history can't be deceived. These protests occur every time the Kremlin takes the next stage of the crawling annexation. These protests are a clear signal to the Kremlin that Belarus is not Russia.

It also indicates that Belarus is not Lukashenka, and Lukashenka is not Belarus, but a puppet made out of vices and Kremlin support of Russian autocrats. Independence of Belarus is in real danger. It has two names - Putin and Lukashenka. This danger will not disappear until both of them are in power. Not the blind but crooks and scoundrels do not see it.

They exist both inside and outside Belarus. Tomorrow, these crooks will spread about Lukashenka's fierce fight with Putin for Belarus.

They will deliberately neglect that it was the dictator who consistently and cynically posed a threat to Belarus.

They will deliberately hide the fact that every day of Lukashenka in power adds to the threat to our independence and statehood.

They will spread their packed geopolitical maps and offer to support the dictator to create a buffer against Russia. Such an unenviable and humiliating fate awaits us at best.

Given local crooks, the situation is more or less clear: either under control or at the trough. But what do the Western "defenders of democracy" do?

Under Lukashenka, the military danger for the entire region, for the whole Europe, rise exponentially. The deployment of NATO contingents in the Baltic States and Poland proves it. This is a response to Russia's increased military activity near the European borders. The main preparations for military actions are being carried out by Russia on the territory of Belarus with Lukashenka's full approval and involvement.

Perhaps, it's time to stop indulging the dictator and listen to the Belarusians chanting "Independence!" and "Long Live Belarus!" They will be able to guarantee independence and safety.

Long Live Belarus!

Andrei Sannikov, leader of the European Belarus civil campaign, Facebook