29 September 2020, Tuesday, 14:27
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Results Of Ukrainian Elections Will Affect Belarus As Well

Results Of Ukrainian Elections Will Affect Belarus As Well

Democracy in Ukraine is developing rapidly, in a very interesting way.

Director of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs Foundation, head of the Kyiv organization of the UKROP Party Bohdan Yaremenko commented on the results of th epresidential election in Ukraine for the website Charter97.org:

- The results of the presidential electiona in Ukraine, to a certain extent, appeared unexpected because of the scale of the new name, the new politician.

It is very important that Volodymyr Zelenskiy won in all regions of the country, except for one. That is, he won the election as a national politician. This is a very interesting trend throughout Ukraine. It indicates a gradual erasing of the difference between East and West. Here, Volodymyr Zelenskiy played a unifying factor.

Another important fact is that the election was very well-organized. Nobody questions the reliability of the results of the first and second rounds. Ukraine managed to avoid any excesses during the elections. The police worked well, including to enforce the electoral law.

In general, the election itself can be assessed quite positively. Although, of course, this does not remove the problems that exist before Ukraine. Nevertheless, I emphasize that the election was very, very positive.

- Volodymyr Zelenskiy, commenting on the result of the National exit poll yesterday, said the following: “As a citizen of Ukraine, I can say to the countries of the former USSR - look at us - everything is possible.” What do you think his words mean?

- It is very interesting that the debates, the procedure of democracy that is if not completely new for Ukraine, then undiscovered at the very least, was organized without participation, or funding, of the state. Obviously, democracy is the need of Ukrainians. The accountability of power to the people, the ability of the people to participate in the choice is so important that leading politicians understand that they have to organize such procedures for the promotion of democracy even for their money. In this regard, the conduct of the debate was very revealing.

If we talk about the words of Zelenskiy, then I am not sure whether this is a reflection of, let us say, his foreign policy views, but the fact that democracy is a pride, a need and a choice of Ukrainians - his words absolutely reflect this. This is part of his political program or worldview regarding the development of democracy. Naturally, even if Zelenskiy did not mean anything about any foreign policy initiatives, the rapid and interesting development of democracy in Ukraine, the Ukrainian elections, of course, will affect the neighboring countries, which are developing in the opposite direction - Belarus, Russia, and so on. In this regard, we understand that, one way or another, purposefully or unwillingly, Ukraine will be an example and a guide.