16 December 2019, Monday, 1:12
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Why Will Lukashenka Lose In 2020?

Why Will Lukashenka Lose In 2020?
Ales Krutkin

Because only 1% supports him.

As one of the heads of the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee of Homel region told me:

"Even in my village, where I come from, 0% is for him! And in 1994, it was 90%! He will falsify it, but with 1%, he will have to draw 79%! Even the officials are already in shock!"

And here's what a man from the prosecutor's office in Mahiliou region said:

"I personally do not know a single person among the prosecutors, who is for Luka. Everybody is working from under the whiplash and waiting for you to throw him off! Everyone!"

The situation in the IC is the same:

"You guys, just press him harder, and then we will gather ourselves up!

That about the size of it.

Ales Krutkin, Facebook