5 June 2020, Friday, 20:45
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Parents: Administration Of Kindergarten Near Minsk Makes Parents Buy Plumbing Equipment

Parents: Administration Of Kindergarten Near Minsk Makes Parents Buy Plumbing Equipment

The kindergarten says they're shocked by their parents' claims.

The editorial office of the Charter97.org website was contacted by a reader from the agricultural town of Balshavik, which is located near Minsk. She told about the blackmailing in the kindergarten where her child goes:

"In the state educational establishment Balshavik Nursery School in Minsk district, which is located in the agrarian town of Balshavik, parents are forced to buy toilet bowls and install them at their own expense. Those parents, who won't rent out the money for toilets and install them in kindergarten, are being threatened to transfer their children to another "cold" group (there is mold and poor heating). The receipts from the purchase of toilets are required to be given to the head of the kindergarten, as she submits them in regional department of public education, allegedly the plumbing equipment was bought with money allocated from the budget.

Prior to this case, there was a similar situation: each parent was obliged to buy toys for the group, bring shopping checks and give them to the teacher. These cheques were put in a notebook, allegedly these toys had been bought with the money allocated from the budget. Where the money allocated to the kindergarten from the state budget actually goes - remains unknown.

When parents install toilets, they may be further blackmailed by transferring the children to the "cold" group, because they will be asked to install new windows at their own expense, make repairs, and then maybe install toilets at the house of the kindergarten head.

In another group of the same garden, parents are collected money f for a laptop so that there is musical accompaniment on the matinee. I suppose that these actions fall under the following articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus: Theft through abuse of power (Article 210 of the Criminal Code). Theft of embezzlement or embezzlement (Article 211 of the Criminal Code), Criminal concealment (Article 405 of the Criminal Code). Failure to report an offence (art. 406) or abuse of authority or official misconduct (art. 424).

The Charter97.org website asked for comments from the deputy head of the main activity of the Balshavik Kindergarten of Minsk district Municipal Educational Institution:

"There are two permanent nursery groups in our kindergarten. You've been in one group for a year and you' re moving to another. Parents said they would like to stay in this group. According to sanitary norms and rules, there should be one bowl for seven people. There are 20 people in the group. During the voting 18 people supported the replacement of toilets. I do not demand any checks, and I am not going to transfer children to any "cold group".

Yesterday, four out of twenty people came to the group meeting. I have all the documents that everything is voluntary," said the deputy head of the group.

The existence of the cold group is confirmed by the deputy head, but he promises to solve the problem:

"Yes, there is a problem, I will solve it by the beginning of the new school year, by the end of summer.

The kindergarten also denies the information about the "requirements for buying a laptop:

"I'm not asking for any laptops, and I'm shocked by this information.

The deputy head of the kindergarten says that there is no budget money for the installation of plumbing equipment:

"I have only extra-budgetary funds. This year there is no budget money available.