16 June 2021, Wednesday, 16:44
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Bundestag: Human Rights Situation In Belarus Remains Critical

Bundestag: Human Rights Situation In Belarus Remains Critical

The German Parliament’s Committee for Human Rights has adopted a resolution.

The European Games, which are taking place in Minsk, became an occasion for the members of the German Bundestag to draw the attention of the international community to the “critical human rights situation in Belarus,” Radio Svaboda reports.

The Bundestag Committee for Human Rights adopted a resolution, which notes that the process of internal political reforms in the country is in a state of stagnation, the confinement conditions in prisons remain very bad, and even minors receive tough prison sentences for violating the anti-drug legislation.

Among the main points of violation of human rights in Belarus, the German deputies note the following:

The use of the death penalty;

Failure to follow OSCE recommendations on electoral reform;

Restrictions on the freedom of the press, assembly, and association;

State repressions against human rights defenders, opposition politicians, journalists, bloggers and trade union leaders;

Restrictions on the work of independent non-governmental organizations;

Poor confinement conditions. In this context, cruel sentences against minors for drugs are also mentioned.