6 April 2020, Monday, 2:16
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What's Average Two Week School Extortion Check Looks Like

What's Average Two Week School Extortion Check Looks Like

And who will say after that that that education in Belarus is free of charge?

On September 1, the pobory.by website was launched in Belarus, and a few days later it became clear that the topic of school extortions worries Belarusians a lot, and the results exceeded all expectations. Almost 2.5 thousand facts were registered within 10 days, more than 4000 comments on this problem were collected, Salidarnasts writes.

"We have collected money for everything but the kitchen sink when our eldest daughter was in primary school: for a drawer unit for a teacher, for trash cans, carpets, lockers. With our youngest daughter, a first-grade student, by September 1, we, the parents, had to buy 4 bouquets for those who came to the lineschool assembly: for guests, a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a member of the district education department, etc. And after the meeting we were given a list of necessary purchases: from toilet paper and towels to folders and magnets," - the parents resent.

However, there were also those who consider that without additional expenses it is impossible to have quality education and life necessities of the child.

"We live in a world that is not ideal. This must be understood! Instead of buying normal English textbooks, you can write petitions to which the answer will come that the schools are supplied with textbooks. Instead of chipping in to buy the windows, you can write letters to the executive committee, but they will say, "Put paper on or do nothing, because the temperature can range from 16 to 23 degrees Celsius". "By refusing to give money, we make it worse only for our children," - others say.

The statistics of pobory.by show that extortions exist in 325 districts and settlements. And Minsk is the leader in this race, with 39.6% of all extortions registered in the country.

In total, the average check for 14 days, according to the site, amounted to ... Br108 rubles 90 kopecks! That's what parents paid for the "free" education of their child. Money was used for repairs, textbooks, subscription, purchase of various goods, gifts, furniture and other things.

And here is another impressive figure.