5 August 2020, Wednesday, 22:56
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Hrodna Resident: I am Ashamed of Lukashenka and All His Appointees

Hrodna Resident: I am Ashamed of Lukashenka and All His Appointees

An open letter to the dictator.

A resident of Hrodna Kasabutski Aliaksei Stanislavavich writes an open letter to the ruler of Belarus. Charter97.org publishes an appeal of an unemployed person:

"I am ashamed for you and all your appointees!

I have supported you and your policy for many years.

I pinned on you and your close associates. I believed that you wanted good for Belarus, but such "faithful servants" of the Republic of Belarus as mismanagement, bribery, devil-may-care attitude and joint responsibility among officials and law enforcement agencies and their relatives run the country, but not you, Aliaksandr Ryhoravich!

Time has shown that you have surrounded yourself with an incompetent entourage, who does not want to work, but looks for a place to steal, destroy and fill pockets in Belarus and abroad.

Belarus has gradually turned into a big animal farm, where all is fouled up by people in power and their relatives.

The actions of the incompetent authorities harm the country. It must be exorcised, but alas, you are either blind, or it is your real plan as the head of the country.

Yes, I am completely disappointed in you, in your administration, which either prevents you from reading my letters or just ignore them.

You don't want a good life for those who live in Belarus: both citizens and non-citizens. It looks as if you live on another planet.

The situation in the Republic of Belarus is getting worse every day, despite the fairy tales told on TV. Only those in power and their relatives live good.

And we, people living in Belarus, are just a herd for you, your administration and people in uniform, who must protect us and, by the way, for a decent salary.

But everything is corrupted in Belarus.

We need changes. And not on papers and TV. To stop hearing from your appointees that "the fish rots down from the head". They are just the part of this fish.

Are you the "president" of the Republic of Belarus or just a man from the TV set, who with his "mates" tells us about another "paradise" in Belarus?

Why do we need you then?

Let God judge us all.

Well, now you will jail me or kick me out of the country.

Aliaksandr Ryhoravich, I have too long been intimidated, beaten by those who used your name as a cover.

With respect to Belarus, Kasabutski Aliaksei Stanislavavich, the city of Hrodna, the unemployed".