27 October 2020, Tuesday, 18:07
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A Military Training Instructor Driving Maybach

A Military Training Instructor Driving Maybach
Iryna Khalip

School parasites will cost Belarusians $1.5 million per month.

The authorities are desperately looking for money - not in their garages and hangars but ours. The National Audit Office exposes the bed in Cesler's workshop and other useless items in the workshops of other artists. Mingaz visits apartments under the motto "preventive inspection of gas equipment" and charges 23 rubles for this - not in cash, which can be avoided but adds this money to the utility bill. Utility bills cannot be ignored. You know, it will be cheaper to pay these damn 20 rubles. Anyway, they do their best. The next step is only to collect cigarette ends.

Meanwhile, the state introduces a new staff unit of the vice-principal for military and patriotic education in schools. This new school head, as it follows from official reports, will "ensure the ideology in the field of military security in terms of civic-patriotic education of children and youth". A person will "form patriotic awareness and moral and psychological qualities necessary for the protection of the Fatherland, as well as mandatory training of citizens for military service". I hope you remember that we will support this with our taxes as well. Well, let's make calculations. There are three thousand secondary schools in Belarus. An average salary of the vice-principal is one thousand rubles. Thus, the support of military personnel will cost us three million rubles a month. That is, we will have to waste one and a half million dollars every month to pay for "ideology in the field of military security". One and a half million dollars. Eighteen million dollars a year. After all, we are rich people if we can afford such sick entertainment.

Meanwhile, the mothers of three-month-old Milana Pshenko and Sofia Zagun and five-month-old Dasha Shepetovskaya use social networks to raise money. All girls suffer from SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), type 1, the most aggressive one. The disease used to be fatal until 2016 and now it can be treated. Gene therapy has a medicine called ZOLGENSMA. One injection saves life and stops the disease progression. However, this injection costs two million dollars. Of course, none of the Belarusian charitable foundations supported the fundraising. The amount is too large. So parents raise money by a penny, hoping to succeed before their children die. Here's the arithmetic: four months of support of these damn vice-principals - "patriots" equal to three saved girls. One year means nine children's lives. Instead of buying another business jet for Drazdy showing off, thirty children could have been saved. What if all those Maybachs, watches, motorcycles, clothes are converted into human lives? It could have been a different story. But the regime needs garages with Maybachs and military training instructors. The task of the second is to brainwash the children so that none of them even dared to ask a question about the first.

By the way, just out of curiosity, read the school textbook of preservice training. It was one thing if it included phrases like "the main sheltered location is a trench". But it also describes in details the anti-state conspiracy at the expense of the West in 2010, with quotes from Sovbelia. The textbook says that America has allocated 16 million dollars to overthrow the government. So, the arrival of the U.S. Secretary of State in Minsk was very timely. He promised support. If our pockets get empty at all, may the United States help teach our children to resist the Belarusian militants, trained in the Polish forests at the expense of the American money?

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org