12 May 2021, Wednesday, 14:18
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Belarusians Take To Heroes March (Online)

Belarusians Take To Heroes March (Online)

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets of Belarusian cities.

The Heroes March is being held in Belarus today.

Mass rallies are being held in the center of Minsk and other Belarusian towns and cities.

The Charter97.org website is covering the Heroes March live.

21:32 This is how the endless stream of people on Masherau Avenue looked from above today.

21:23 Video fact: an executioner pushed a TASS photo reporter off the parapet.

21:18 This is how today's Heroes of Belarus look like!

21:09 A mural with legendary DJs has been restored in the Changes Square.

21:06 Another option for Sasha. The psychopathic cockroach was reminded of how to get to the mental hospital in Navinki.

21:04 Belarusian Railways - with us! The train driver for city lines in Minsk slowed down and supported the demonstrators.

20:38 Another video about how Belarusians frightened the residents of Drazdy.

20:36 There were many people in Drazdy today. Apparently that is why the frightened executioners used at least two stun grenades, while eyewitnesses report at least three shots.

20:29 Greek goddess Athena is protesting in Minsk.

20:24 Participants of the Heroes March have left messages for Yarmoshyna.

20:16 When the people dispersed, targeted detentions began in Minsk.

20:01 Just an amazing video from Pushkin Avenue. Minskers were at their best today.

19:56 Belarusians under the house of Yarmoshyna the Borsch-Cooker in Drazdy.

19:50 It was loud in Minsk today!

19:43 As the readers of Nasha Niva report, several thousand demonstrators today approached Yarmoshyna's house, chanting “Mrs. Lida, we have come for tea.” However, stun grenades were used against them.

19:36 “Long live Belarus!” in the Minsk metro.

19:34 Minskers to Lukashenka: “Get out, rat!”

19:30 The minute of silence at Pushkinskaya. Heroes never die!

19:26 Motorists are in solidarity with the protesters.

19:24 Another video of the column near Pushkinskaya in Minsk.

19:17 People came to the area of the Pushkinskaya metro station in Minsk to honor the memory of the hero of Belarus Aliaksandr Taraikouski. Glory to the Hero!

19:05 People in Zhabinka have bought Lukashenka a one-way ticket.

18:52 The protesting Minsk right now.

18:47 Meanwhile, a column of protesters is marching towards the Pushkinskaya metro station on Alsheuski Street in Minsk.

18:42 During the March in Minsk, an unknown masked person (presumably an employee of the Chief Administration for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption) shot into the air with a gun.

18:35 Telegram channels have urged Minsk residents to go to the Pushkinskaya metro station to restore the memorial to the deceased hero of Belarus Aliaksandr Taraikouski.

18:31 Minsk protesters are chanting “Tribunal!” on Peramozhtsau Avenue.

18:25 Belarusian athletes came to the cordon of security officials during the Heroes March.

18:17 This is what the confrontation looked like near the Arena City shopping center.

18:15 Kobryn at the Heroes March. An amazing atmosphere of protest.

18:13 The march in Mahiliou continues.

18:08 Meanwhile, in Vitsebsk, security officials are spraying tear gas at their own comrades.

18:17 Minsk. Peramozhtsau Avenue is filled with protesters.

17:53 The protesters have moved towards the Heroes Obelisk.

17:49 The water cannons didn't help. Brest is marching again!

17:42 Thousands of people in front of the cordon near the Arena City shopping center.

17:30 Russian publicist Viktor Shenderovich protested near the Belarusian embassy in Moscow.

“We cannot allow Belarusians to see only boors and scoundrels on behalf of Russia,” he said.

17:21 Legendary 84-year-old Yan Hryb is there, at the Heroes March.

17:18 In Brest, the Lukashists have used a water cannon against the protesters.

17:15 There is a cordon near the Minsk-Arena, but there are a lot of people. They are chanting: “Fascists!”

17:11 Meanwhile, in Navapolatsk, protesters are fighting back the riot police.

17:10 The column at the Heroes March in Maladechna.

17:08 A huge column is heading towards Drazdy right now.

17:05 A huge column on Navavilenskaya Street in Minsk.

17:00 “Minsk, we are with you”: Bresters have blocked the traffic movement.

16:52 Let us move to Minsk. The head of the column on Peramozhtsau Avenue is already passing the House of Football.

16:48 These are the people guarding the protesters from the security forces in Homel.

16:43 The main column is going to the Minsk-Arena!

16:38 Minsk Pushkinskaya right now. A huge column is moving towards Drazdy.

16:34 Meanwhile, the March participants in Brest have taken to the roadway.

16:29 Part of the column is still going in the area of the residential complex “Cascade”. The scale of the action in Minsk is impressive.

16:24 Lukashenka has been sent to a paddy wagon in Brest.

16:23 In Zhodzina, MIA major hit a woman in the face with his fist.

16:16 A timelapse from Mahiliou. Look how many people have taken to the March of Heroes today.

16:14 In Vitsebsk, they thank the striking miners of Salihorsk.

16:11 Meanwhile, protesters in Homel have gathered near the regional executive committee, chanting: “Tribunal!”

16:10 Columns of thousands of people are marching in the area of Minsk Prytytsky Street.

16:08 Huge columns on the approaches to Drazdy near the Arena complex in Minsk.

16:04 A procession of many thousands near the capital's residential complex “Cascade”. People are chanting “We are power here.”

15.59 A huge column is going along Kalvariyskaya and Tsimirazeu Streets in Minsk.

15.57 More photos from the many-thousand March in Minsk.

15.56 Dozens of thousands of protesters are marching to Drazdy right now!

15.54 The end of the column of people in Homel is not visible.

15.52 A procession of many thousands on Kalvariyskaya Street in Minsk.

15.49 Powerfully and smoothly the March is going on in Brest.

15.48 A timelapse of the columns near the residential complex “Cascade”. Looks awesome!

15.47 The first column approaches Minsk-Arena and Drazdy!

15.46 In Minsk, a column of people passes near the "Cascade". View from above.

15.45 Athletes are with the people!

15.44 The number of participants in the march in Minsk has exceeded 150 thousand.

15.43 Timelapse from the residential complex “Cascade” in Minsk. It clearly demonstrates the number of protesters in the capital.

15.39 Another view of the column on Peramozhtsau Avenue.

15.37 Dozens of thousands of people are walking along Arlouskaya Street in Minsk.

15.36 One hundred thousand demonstrators have already been counted on Independence Avenue in the center of Minsk.

15.33 Minsk is beautiful now! Sasha, how are you feeling?

15.32 The column of protesters in Kobryn. Powerful!

15.28 Minsk. Some of the people have passed the blocked Tsimirazeu Street and moved on, towards “Pushkinskaya”. A lot of people are marching along Arlouskaya Street towards Peramozhtsau Avenue.

15.27 Dozens of thousands of people are going to visit the officials in Drazdy!

15.26 Dozens of thousands of people are gathering at the Heroes Obelisk.

15.25 Lida hosts the most crowded March in the history of protests in the town!

15.24 Several dozen thousand people are walking towards the Heroes Obelisk: top view.

15.23 A procession of many thousands is also taking place in Brest.

15.22 Thousands of heroes are marching in a column in Hrodna!

15.21 Another powerful video from the March towards the Heroes Obelisk.

15.20 In Hrodna, the column has stretched for almost a kilometer.

15.19 This is how a huge column of protesters in Minsk looks like, going to the Heroes Obelisk.

15.18 People have gathered in Bangalore Square in Minsk.

15:17 Dozens of thousands of people are gathering at the Heroes Obelisk, occupying the roadway.

15.16 Impressive footage from the March in Homel.

15.15 Thousands of demonstrators are marching in Brest.

15:14 Dozens of thousands of people walk along Peramozhtsau Avenue in Minsk towards the Heroes Obelisk. The head of the column has already reached the railing at the Obelisk.

15.13 This is how the white-red-white Brest looks like.

15.12 Pinsk is also at the March!

15.11 Striking workers in uniforms head the column in Hrodna.

15.10 In Minsk, mobile Internet is turned off for all operators. Switch your phone to 2G to keep the minimum connection (and reboot). The next gathering points are the Frunzenskaya metro station, the Heroes Obelisk, from there exit to Tsimirazeu Street. Then we go to Drazdy.

15.10 The atmosphere at the March in Hrodna.

15.09 People have taken to the roadway on Peramozhtsau Avenue.

15.08 Kobryn is chanting: “Lukashenka to a paddy wagon!”

15.07 Salihorsk now.

15.06 Dozens of thousands of people walk along the Peramozhtsau Avenue in Minsk.

15.05 Small Lida has taken to a march of many thousands!

15.02 A column with drums is walking along Kharuzhai Street in Minsk.

14.59 A column of protesters is marching along Zhodzina.

14.58 Minsk. Several thousand people with white-red-white flags have gathered on Melnikayte Street.

14.57 Thousands of people continue to join the protesters on Niamiha in Minsk.

14.56 In Mahiliou, people continue to gather in thousands!

14.55 “Sasha, you're fired!” the column of protesters in Hrodna is chanting.

14.53 People have occupied Peramozhtsau Avenue in Minsk.

14.52 A grandiose March is taking place in Mahiliou.

14.51 Polatsk is marching!

14.50 An impressive column of protesters is moving along Melnikayte Streets towards the Heroes Obelisk.

14.49 A column of March participants from the Savetski and Pershamaiski districts is approaching Niamiha in Minsk. They also had to get to the gathering place with a fight. “They fought off our people at the Academy of Sciences, near Victory Square and at the circus. We got there with minimal losses. Long live Belarus! ”, the participants of the procession tell us.

14.48 Another photo of the heroes from Lida!

14.47 In Brest, people have gathered for the March near the monument to the 1000th anniversary of the city.

14.46 This is the center of Lida. People are chanting “Long live Belarus!”, the cars passing by are honking in support.

14.45 A bright and crowded march is underway in Vitsebsk.

14.44 A powerful and loud march is taking place in Hrodna.

14.43 People are standing in a coupling near the “Gallery” shopping center.

14.42 A very large column of protesters is marching along Shpalernaya Street in Minsk.

14.41 This is how the column in Yakub Kolas Square looks now.

14.40 A column of people is also walking along Bahdanovich Street.

14.39 People are also gathering near the Belarus cinema in Minsk. A column of several thousand people was moving along Tank Street towards Tsimirazeu Street. At the beginning of the street, the column turned around and went back, turning to Melnikayte.

14.38 Around ten thousand protesters have gathered in the area of the Frunzenskaya metro station in Minsk.

14.37 The Heroes March is underway in Vitsebsk.

14.36 Minsk. Several thousand people have gathered on Peramozhtsau Avenue. People are standing from the side of the “Gallery” shopping center. They are chanting: “This is our city.” Other demonstrators are coming from all sides.

14.35 Minsk. The column from the Leninsky district have heroically broken through the cordon at Mayakovsky Street and at the Dynamo stadium, and is now in the city center. “We are going to join our guys on Niamiha,” the participants in the procession report.

14.34 People are marching along Shpalernaya Street in the Niamiha district in Minsk.

14.33 Residents of Mahiliou are coming to the central square of the city.

14.32 Salihorsk is at the march!

14.31 This is the atmosphere in Hrodna now. People are chanting “We believe! We can! We shall win!”

14.30 The Hrodna march has moved to Lenin Square.

14.29 A column of many thousands is turning from Independence Avenue to Masherau Avenue.

14:27 Dozens of thousands of people are moving towards the center of Minsk and Niamiha.

14.26 A column of many thousands is marching along Independence Avenue in Minsk.

14.24 Homel has moved to the center, there are a lot of people there!

14.23 A march of many thousands is underway in Hrodna.

14.22 Homel. Thousands of people are in the city center.

14.22 A column of many thousands from Yakub Kolas Square is now going along Masherau Avenue in Minsk.

14.21 The residents of Hrodna have also taken to the streets of the city.

14.20 In Homel, the Heroes March is going along Savetskaya Street.

14.18 This is what Yakub Kolas Square looks like now.

14:17 People continue the March, despite the cowardly attacks of the executioners.

14.16 There are already thousands of people on Peramozhtsau Avenue!

14.15 A long column of protesters has gathered on Niamiha in Minsk.

14.14 Brest, Homel, Hrodna. People gather in the center and raise flags.

14.13 The protesters are already on Peramozhtsau Avenue, the cars are honking supportively.

14.12 Salihorsk has taken to the Heroes March.

14.11 There are more and more people on Niamiha.

14.06 Hundreds of demonstrators with the slogans "Long Live Belarus!" are marching from Niamiha towards the Sports Palace.

14.04 A column of protesters is going along Independence Avenue from Yakub Kolas Square to Victory Square.

14.03 Participants of the March from those districts where Lukashist bandits prevented the gathering, get to the center of Minsk and gather in the adjacent streets of Independence Avenue, Freedom Square, Niamiha.

13.59 People continue to move in columns to the center of Minsk.

13.57 Brave Belarusian women continue to protest and shame the executioners.

13.54 A white-red-white flag has been raised in Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk.

13.53 Karayeu's executioners are brutally attacking the girls.

13.49 The hit squad have attacked the protesters at the Renaissance Hotel. They are detaining men, as well as girls who, in tears, are asking to let the guys go free.

13.46 This is how the heroic coupling on Hrushauka looked.

13.43 A huge column of people is moving along Dziarzhynski Avenue towards the city center.

13.38 Residents of the Frunzenski district of Minsk, after a small skirmish with the riot police, began to move from the Maladziozhnaya metro station to the city center. People from Viasnianka and the Peramozhtsau Avenue area are joining them.

13.37 The people in the column of protesters at the march are chanting: "This is our city!"

13.34 The first columns of residents of Minsk districts are already in the city center.

13.29 Residents of Hrushauka gave joined forces, drove away the hit squad, and are moving to the center of Minsk.

13:24 Residents of the Maskouski district successfully resisted the attack of the Karayeu bandits, and are moving to the center of Minsk

13.20 Workers of Minsk Automobile Plant, Minsk Mechanical Plant, Minsk Tractor Plant are going to the center of Minsk for the Heroes March from the Zavodzki district.

13.10 Columns and groups of Minskers from different parts of the city have already begun to gather at the metro stations "Mikhalova", "Partyzanskaya", "Tractor plant", "Pushkinskaya", "Maladziozhnaya", "Academy of Sciences", and move to the center.