24 January 2022, Monday, 16:26
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Grandiose March Of Justice Held In Belarus (Online)

Grandiose March Of Justice Held In Belarus (Online)
Photo: TASS

About 150 thousand protesters in the center of Minsk.

The March of Justice for Freedom of Speech is being held in Minsk and Belarusian cities today.

Charter97.org is covering the March of Justice live.

20:51 A whole mobile bicycle orchestra played at the March of Justice in Minsk.

20:44 Bright photos of the March of Justice in Minsk.

20:43 Before the start of the March in Minsk, the musicians just brilliantly played “Changes” by Viktor Tsoi.

20:41 A veteran at the March of Justice in Minsk.

20:35 People left the March in large groups so that the security forces could not detain them.

20:21 Vaukavysk residents defending their townspeople from Karayeu’s bandits. 20:20 Another funny poster at today's March.

20:04 “Long live Belarus!” in the Minsk tram.

19:49 A column of protesters chanted “Take Sasha away!” near the Venezuelan Embassy in Minsk.

19:26 The participant of the March in Minsk trolled the security forces in a very funny way.

19:23 And this is how the Minsk column on Tsimirazeu Street looked from a drone.

19:19 A video of the column in Minsk. Just look how many people came to the March!

19:17 Another positive moment of the March of Justice in Minsk.

19:13 The “ABC of changes” at the March in Minsk.

19:03 People begin to gradually leave the Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk.

18:54 A bit of the March atmosphere in the photo.

18:48 Participants of the March of Justice in Minsk demanded freedom for the media.

18:41 Some of the participants of the Minsk March remain on the approaches to Yakub Kolas Square.

18:34 The March of Justice continues in Brest. People are marching along the central streets of the city.

18:19 Protesters return to the security forces cordon. Athletes with the banner “People are the champions” are in front.

18:15 A column of demonstrators in Minsk has turned from Independence Avenue to Kazlou Street.

18:02 In Minsk, the protesters have approached the security forces' cordon, which blocked Independence Avenue near Victory Square.

17:55 The column of protesters right now.

17:45 The head of the capital's column is already in Yakub Kolas Square.

17:38 Musicians are walking in the column of protesters. Just an amazing atmosphere.

17:36 Meanwhile, the column in Minsk has reached the Kamarouski market and is now heading towards the avenue.

17:34 In Zhodzina, the memory of Mikita Kryutsou, who died during the protests, was honored.

17:30 White-red-white flag over Dziarzhynskaya mountain - the highest point of Belarus.

17:26 One of the protesters in Brest took away the walkie-talkie from a riot policeman.

17:19 Brave Minskers today came to Lukashenka's palace and emotionally talked with the riot policemen standing in the cordon.

17:18 Minsk. At the intersection of Niamiha and Haradzki Val streets, another large column of demonstrators has been formed - about 20 thousand people. There are residents of Minsk who began their march from the Heroes Obelisk along Tsimirazeu Street and from the side of Dziarzhynski Avenue.

The column has turned to Niamiha and is catching up with the main part of the March participants who are now near the Opera House.

❗️If you are in a column in the area of the Opera Theatre, please inform everyone that you need to wait for our people, who are coming from Haradzki Val.

17:17 A column of athletes at the March of Justice in Minsk. Athletes come out every Sunday!

17:15 Brest men are chasing riot police away from the streets of their city.

17:13 Dozens of thousands on Niamiha in Minsk. We can already say for sure that today's March is comparable to previous Sunday protests.

17:09 An amazing time-lapse. 45 minutes of Peramozhtsau Avenue in Minsk in 23 seconds.

17:07 A shot in the air has been reported in Brest.

17:05 The column is so big that it has been moving towards Niamiha for 20 minutes.

17:00 Meanwhile, a huge column is marching along Niamiha.

16:59 Lida is holding a great action under national flags.

16:50 Protesters raised a white-red-white flag over the Castle Hill in Navahradak.

16:41 Three columns are moving towards Independence Avenue. One column has formed near the Heroes Obelisk, and advanced into the city center. The second one is going along Tsimirazeu Street towards Niamiha. The third is on Rosa Luxemburg Street.

16:30 Head of the Hrodna riot police Uladzimir Krautsevich personally detains protesters, using a chokehold.

16:29 Another large column of demonstrators is now moving towards the center of Minsk along Tsimirazeu Street.

16:24 Flags of metropolitan districts on the March of Justice in Minsk.

16:22 Tear gas was used against protesters in Brest.

16:15 A white-red-white flag has been raised in the square near the executive committee in Smarhon.

16:13 A procession of many thousands along the central streets of Brest.

16:04 Thousands and thousands of people on Peramozhtsau Avenue.

16:03 In Vitsebsk, there is just a huge number of people walking through the city center.

15:57 The column of protesters is heading in a traditional procession towards Lukashenka's palace.

15:55 In Zhodzina, the March of Justice is also being held. People have unfurled a huge white-red-white flag.

15:53 Despite the resistance of the security forces, Brest continues the March.

15:49 Dozens of thousands of Minsk residents are moving along Peramozhtsau Avenue towards Lukashenka's palace.

15:48 A speeded-up video of people gathering near the Heroes Obelisk in the capital.

15:38 A column of protesters has moved from the Heroes Obelisk towards the Lukashenka Palace.

15:37 On Niamiha in Minsk, the KFC administrator has opened the doors of the restaurant for protesters to hide, and avoid mass arrests.

15:36 The number of people near the Heroes Obelisk is only increasing.

15:33 More than 1000 Minsk dwellers are walking from Kharuzhai Street in the direction of the Heroes Obelisk. People are chanting “We believe, we can, we shall win!”

15:28 Video fact: the human sea at the Heroes Obelisk in Minsk. Dozens of thousands of people have already gathered there.

15:27 The atmosphere at the Heroes Obelisk in Minsk these minutes.

15:27 Vitsebsk. The column has passed the Millennium Bridge. In the center, three people are carrying the national flag.

15:26 This is what the March looks like now in the Heroes Obelisk area.

15:24 Kobryn’s also at the March.

15:23 The marching Vitsebsk.

15:22 In the center of Mahilou- a big procession with huge white-red-white flags!

15:21 A long column of people continues to walk from the Gallery Mall in Minsk towards the Heroes Obelisk, where thousands have already gathered.

15:20 There is already a whole sea of people near the Heroes Obelisk!

15:19 This is how the March in Zhodzina goes.

15:18 Mahiliou is chanting: “Lukashenka - to a paddy wagon!”

15:17 There are more and more people near the Heroes Obelisk!

15:16 Vivid footage from the action in Vitsebsk.

15:16 Thousands of people continue to walk towards the Heroes Obelisk.

15:15 Minsk. The atmosphere near the Heroes Obelisk right now.

15:14 Rivers of people are flowing to the Heroes Obelisk in Minsk. Thousands of people have already gathered there.

15:13 In Hrodna, one of the detainees has fainted. The man is lying on the asphalt.

15:12 An impressive column of protesters has crossed the bridge on Niamiha, heading for the Heroes Obelisk.

15:10 In Minsk, near the Heroes Obelisk, protesters have come out onto the roadway, and blocked the avenue.

15:09 In Homel, people broke through the riot police cordon that prevented them from passing!

15:08 Thousands of people are going to the Heroes Obelisk in Minsk.

15:07 A lot of people have come out in Mahiliou. The protesters are singing “Kupalinka”.

15:06 In Hrodna, Karayeu's fascists have brutally detained a pregnant woman. We will not forget, we will not forgive!

15:05 Mahiliou. Veteran Aliaksandr Strakh has addressed the protesters.

15:03 In Vitsebsk, protesters are marching in a column along Frunze Street.

14:59 Mobile Internet has been cut off in Minsk again. According to A1, this happened “in accordance with the order of the authorized state bodies”.

14:58 The march is underway in Zhodzina, too!

14:57 Thousands of Minsk dwellers are walking along Peramozhtsau Avenue towards the Heroes Obelisk.

14:57 The Lida residents are chanting: “Lukashenka to a paddy wagon!”

14:55 Vitsebsk has also come to the March.

14:53 People are walking to Peramozhtsau Avenue in Minsk.

14:52 There is already a whole river of people in Homel!

14:51 Homel chants “Go away, you and your riot police!”

14:50 People are also gathering in Mahiliou.

14:49 In Lida, the participants of the March are marching together.

14:48 In Gomel, the march is also becoming as crowded as in Hrodna, where thousands of townspeople have already taken to the streets.

14:46 Bright photos from the March in Hrodna.

14:44 Several large groups of people are walking towards the Niamiha metro station from the direction of Ramanauskaya Slabada and Independence Avenue. Near the metro station there are about a thousand people.

Another large group of Minskers have gathered near the Gallery Mall on Peramozhtsau Avenue.

14:42 A large column of protesters is moving across Salihorsk.

14:42 In Homel, people are chanting: “How much is your conscience?”

14:39 A powerful procession is taking place in Hrodna.

14:35 Another video from the March in Homel.

14:35 In Lida, too, the locals have come to the March.

14:33 There are more and more people on Niamiha.

14:32 Mass march is taking place in Hrodna. People are chanting: “We believe, we can, we shall win!”

14:31 Homel’s at the March of Justice.

14:29 There are already thousands of people on Niamiha. People are going there from Freedom Square.

14:27 People have gathered near the Gallery Mall.

14:26 Niamiha in Minsk is crowded.

14:25 Due to the fact that the center of Minsk is closed, people concentrate on the following streets: Niamiha, Haradzki Val, Peramozhtsau Avenue, and Independence Avenue.

14:24 Residents of Hrodna have taken to the March of Justice en masse.

13:59 Thousands of participants of the March have already gathered in the center of Minsk, on the streets Niamiha, Haradzki Val, Peramozhtsau Avenue, and Independence Avenue.