18 January 2022, Tuesday, 7:40
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‘Part Of Lukashenka’s Entourage Wonders Whether It’s Time He Gets Apoplectic Stroke’

‘Part Of Lukashenka’s Entourage Wonders Whether It’s Time He Gets Apoplectic Stroke’

For the leader of the junta, there are also options for being killed, poisoned, suffocated ...

If there is anything to “mirror” over the past week, it is, of course, the palace meeting on October 23 on COVID. The words spoken were outstanding even for the Belarusian black comedy phrases, writes the Telegram channel «Люстэрка ўлады».

At first, Lukashenka spat in Putin's garden vigorously, asking Pinevich how he allowed the people who had not passed the quarantine and PCR test, to meet with the “president who is alone”. The hint was clear: I am not afraid, in contrast to the older brother staying “in the bunker”. In the corresponding offices in Moscow, by the way, the template was noticed.

And then, who missed, read carefully. We quote verbatim. “Why did they raise the hubbub all over the country? Why were the police mobilized to check the mask regime? Why do you grabble everywhere, even without sparing women? Where is the minister? (Kubrakou rises) I warned you! Don't you have anything to do? Why are you breaking the law? We do not have such a law that gives you the right to grope, inspect, catch people and take off their muzzles! (Long pause with an extremely angry look) Who are you playing along?”

Again to Pinevich: “So if you treat, then treat properly, starting from this zone and ending everywhere on the streets, Mr. Pinevich!” (The meaning is probably clear to Pinevich as a “doctor”).

All this reflection of the inflamed brain could be called yet another performance “We beat the evil boyars” for an uninformed audience.

However: 1) the anger at the ministers looked unfeigned; 2) the reservations made are extremely symptomatic. We do not know what was meant by the phrases about the police, who “grabble” women. When applied to real and imaginary protest activists, the reference to “law” is generally very cynical. But the phrase about “grope, inspect, catch people and take off their muzzles” is simply amazing!

It seems that the sick consciousness is entangled in its own wishes and brings them out. For example, catch those who wear masks. After all, as you know, whoever is wearing a mask is against Lukashenka.

Sitting stone-faced at this scene, various tsertsels-serhiyenkas-petryshenkas (as well as Kubrakou), of course, could not help thinking about the sanity of the orator (even they!).

We have noted more than once that the leader himself traditionally throws the most powerful bombs under the regime.

In his environment there are impassable dullards, and extreme cynics, and simply not particularly capable of thinking mechanisms. But part of this environment cannot help but wonder: is it not time for the beloved leader to get COVID, get poisoned, suffocate, get an apoplectic stroke, or simply a persistent inability to fulfill his duties.

Let us once again draw attention to the significant “proverbs” (according to Freud, not according to Freud, but it has long been clear that there are problems with self-control and thinking). And that any kubrakou can be “whipped” (for real).