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Nine Craziest Statements By Lukashenka About Coronavirus

Nine Craziest Statements By Lukashenka About Coronavirus

Covid idiocy as it is.

Last week, Lukashenka got deeply involved in the topic of combating the coronavirus. This has resulted in new scandalous statements that have produced a breeze in Belarus and beyond.

The udf site has summarized the dubious statements of Aliaksandr Lukashenka and highlighted the most notorious of them.

Advice on prevention: tractor, vodka, ice and butter

In fact, these were different statements made by Lukashenka on different days after the arrival of the pandemic to Belarus, but because of their absurdity they can be generalized.

"There (in the village) the tractor will cure everyone. The field cures everyone."

"I am a man who does not drink, but lately I have been jokingly saying that you should not only wash your hands with vodka, but probably drink 40-50 grams of pure alcohol a day to poison the virus".

"There are no viruses here (at the hockey arena - ed.). It's a refrigerator. There is nothing better than sports, especially than ice. Antiviral medicine, the very real thing."

"And you need to eat butter now, it turns out that fat helps the lungs to fight viruses. If a specialist, a scientist says, probably he is not a fool. So, based on my experience, I support him in this."

The statement about covid "hollowing out" Russia

After the Russian authorities decided to "close" the border with Belarus because of the pandemic in March 2020, Lukashenka publicly stated in revenge: "Coronavirus is rampaging in Russia".

It might have seemed that the head of the country had some exclusive information, but no. The Russian government called Lukashenka's statements bewildering.

The claim that no one has died from the coronavirus in Belarus

First Lukashenka said:

"No one in our country will die from Coronavirus. I declare this publicly. This is my firm conviction, based not only on the analysis of the past years".

And the next time, he developed the idea:

"Not a single person in our country has died from Coronavirus. No one! They have died because of a bundle of chronic diseases, which they had... And Coronavirus was added".

Lukashenka's words looked like a blatant manipulation, because it was covid that caused the intensification of chronic diseases and deaths.

The statement about defeating covid

Last summer, the ruler of the country went even further.

"Our health care system has stood it out. But we do not reduce the degree of the struggle, although today we can already say - we have won," said Lukashenka.

A new wave of covid awaited Belarus in a short while. And this fall, it is already fighting the fourth - the most extensive one.

Underreporting mortality rates.

Recently, in an interview with CNN, the country's leader said:

"We have six to eight people dying a day with suspected covid. And we check everyone with a pathologist. And we do not always confirm it (Coronavirus). Thousands of people die in the USA and hundreds in the UK.

However, for one thing, at that time, even according to the official statistics of the Ministry of Health, more than 12 people died every day. And for another thing, doctors frankly admit that this statistic is grossly misreported.

Independent estimates suggest that there have been about 30,000 excess deaths in the country over the year since the pandemic began.

Advice to inhale the "composite"

Little noticed in Belarus, but resounded in Russia, was a recent story by journalist Dmitry Gordon. According to him, during a personal meeting, Lukashenka advised him to "splash his hands with the composite and inhale it - so that it could go into the lungs, too".

The journalist joked: "Lukashenka - now he's a big scientist".

Statements that wearing masks is ineffective

Last week, Lukashenka abolished the mandatory mask regime, and on Tuesday he explained his position as follows: only doctors have a culture of using protective gear, and citizens tend not to follow all precautions and recommendations when wearing masks, so using them in this way is ineffective.

This goes completely against the recommendations of the WHO and scientists from around the world.

The hypothesis that covid slows down the development of cancer

Here is another shocking statement made last week. Lukashenka said that COVID-19 "suppressed" influenza and also pointed to the hypothesis that the immune system response to the coronavirus infection can inhibit the development of tumors.

Already a few days later, Lukashenka became indignant at being misunderstood:

"But I'm not saying that covid cures cancer. "' Those are the facts. And God help that it does," that's what was said."

The confession about why the authorities don't buy Western vaccines

Lukashenka's most recent scandalous statement.

"They're suggesting us these 'opps,' bring in Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and others. What for? So that they can get vaccinated, get a passport and go there, to their folks, to get instructions. So that they could go to the West. That's what they need it for," said the country's leader.

Thus, Lukashenka has placed his political interests above the concern of people about their health: some Belarusians do not trust the Russian and Chinese vaccines, but would like to get vaccinated with the Western vaccines.