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The Choice Of Andrei Zeltser

The Choice Of Andrei Zeltser

The programmer defended his house, wife and child from bandits in civilian clothes.

Programmer Andrei Zeltser put up armed resistance to Lukashenka's Gestapo men who broke into his apartment, he killed one of the attackers and died.

The legal side of the case would be obvious if there was law in Belarus. The attackers were not wearing uniforms, there was not even a district police officer with them, programmer Zeltser did not receive any summons, so he had every right to offer any resistance to the thugs who burst in, and defend his home, wife and child. Moreover, when the attackers began to break down the door, Andrei Zeltser called the police and asked for help.

Andrei Zeltser, as follows from posts on one of his Instagram accounts, actively participated in the 2020 protests against the results of the presidential elections in Belarus, and even wrote a kind of manifesto in which he called on those who disagree with the award of victory to Aliaksandr Lukashenka to “go to the end”.

Perhaps it was because of this manifesto that they came to him. Andrei Zeltser had a choice: to submissively go to Lukashenka's torture chamber, where torture and humiliation awaited him, or to fight back and die like a hero. He chose the second option.

Andrei Zeltser is a hero.

Both dictators, Putin and especially Lukashenka, intensifying repressions, pumping out the air of freedom from their countries, are pushing Russians and Belarusians to the moment when many people will say: “I / WE are Andrei Zeltser.”

Ihar Yakavenka, blogspot.com

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