16 May 2021, Sunday, 21:21
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Ukraine Puts a Barrier on Lukashenka's "Schematozniks"

Ukraine Puts a Barrier on Lukashenka's "Schematozniks"
Illustration Photo: KSCA


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced duties on products of the Belarusian engineering industry. The "schematozniks" and lovers of dumping from MAZ got into a huge puddle, writes the Nick and Mike Telegram channel.

So, for those who are in a tank or MAZ: about a third of the buses export of this enterprise went to Ukraine according to non-transparent rollback schemes. The "tsimmes" of the whole situation is that MAZ ate the money unearned in Ukraine last year. Maybe Tur will tell you what to do with the products made for the warehouse? Now it is not a fact that even Moldova needs it. Moreover, in such a volume.

And what to do with potentially very dissatisfied workers, whose salaries have already been paid in debt to Promagroleasing for future Ukrainian contracts? The debt will have to be repaid. It would be necessary to stir up a high-profile criminal case, as with sugar factories about pests at MAZ, in order to find the guilty ones. Moreover, they are known - we wrote about the authors of the "schematozes" at this enterprise earlier in detail.

Now Ivankovich's group thinks that there is a chance to deceive everyone and bring products through a screwdriver assembly. We should warn you - you are trying in vain. Josie was on a business trip to Ukraine. And they whispered to her in confidence that the next step is to establish criteria for products that can be considered Ukrainian. Screwdriver assembly and re-customs clearance will not work. The document is awaiting signature. A barrier will be installed for Belarusian "schematozniks." Checkmate.

The next step is the decision on other products the regime is sensitive to. Petroleum products and fertilizers. The black and gray schemes of the old man and his junta are over.

The old man, we warned you that a freak from the Rada would not help but rather the opposite. Don't even think about getting involved in transplantology. You'll end like Milosevic.